My day didn’t go as planned…

March 9, 2009

Alex came into our bedroom around one (am) and told me that he must have been covered under too many blankets because it woke up and he was too hot.  I touched him and he was burning up – temp 103!  So we got him set up on the futon in our room and I told him he would be staying home from school today.  At about three, he woke me up again, crying because he had just realized that today was report card day and they were also having an African dancing presentation at school.  I told him to go back to sleep and worry about it in the morning.  (I’m not the most sympathetic  mommy in the middle of the night…)

Our guest was returning from a weekend in Mexico, and he still had not come in by 1:30 am (I was keeping an ear out as long as I could – I knew he had his key, but wanted to make sure he made the drive safely.)  Then Olivia ended up sleeping between D’Arcy & me which is never conducive to a good night’s sleep!

Needles to say, I was dead-to-the-world when D’Arcy woke me with a start at 6:50 am!  I rushed downstairs because Evan had to be out the door shortly after 7.  Apparently the clock in their room had woken him at 5:30, so he was downstairs, dressed, eaten, and had played his move in six games of Scrabble.  He was starting to get a lunch & his backpack packed.  (What a boy!) 

I finished making his lunch and sent him on his way, then called and left a message at the hospital that Alex wouldn’t be coming to his appointment.  I then called to leave a message in Alex’s classroom, but his teacher was there early and answered the phone.  She was sympathetic and told me that Alex was boasting last week that he was the only one in our house not to have the bug yet!  She agreed to take his report card up to Evan’s room so he could bring it home.

As I was getting out of the shower, Sarah asked me to clean her glasses for her (which weren’t really dirty to start with.)  When she put them on, she complained, “but they’re still dirty!”  I gave them another wipe and sent her off to get dressed.  At about 8:30, she was watching tv and started to complain that her eyes “weren’t letting (her) see!”  My mother had been telling me that Sarah had woken four times through the night on Friday, complaining about a sore eye, and she was complaining last week too.  When she announced that there were “black circles” in her eyes, I knew it was time to call the eye doctor.

When I explained the situation, they fit her in for 1:10; I called my mom so she would come down and stay with Alex & Olivia.  I tried to tidy up a bit and got lots of congratulatory calls from my tourism peers about our award.  

Sarah was chatty and so good at her appointment, even though she was terrified of “the drops”. He was very thorough about checking her vision and inside her eye.  Lucky for us (not so much for them), his son had had the same virus a couple of weeks back, so he was able to tell me all the symptoms and how long it will last (about 10 days).  She’ll have eye pain and be light sensitive.  I’m relieved it’s “just” a virus!  We were chatting as we were getting ready to leave and Sarah made a flying leap at him to give her a hug and he gave her a great squeeze!  I suspect it made his day – I hope so anyway!

Meanwhile, I had a call from the Speech & Language folks.  Sarah was referred about a year ago and had her hearing test in the summer.  The call today was to say that they’d had a cancellation, and could I bring her in at two?  Unfortunately, I knew she’d still be at her eye appointment, but I told them we’d really like to get her in since her two year old sister speaks more clearly than she does!  They gave us an appointment for Wednesday at 10!!  My parents will take Olivia so we can go.

Alex’s eye appointment has been re-scheduled for Friday afternoon.

I was able to connect with two of my dearest friends today – Karen & I had a Skype call from The Maldives this morning because we happened to be online at the same time, and then Janelle (in Chattanooga) and I had a birthday chat this afternoon.  While I was on the phone with Jan, D’Arcy came in from picking Evan up and told me to come listen to the radio.  Evan was still in the van, playing “Word Play” on CBC using D’Arcy’s cellphone.  It was “Newfie Week” and Evan chose (being the geography buff he is) “Where’r you at?”  His word was “Stephenville” but he spelled it “s-t-e-v-e-n-v-i-l-l-e”.  It was pretty cute and he can’t wait to try again.

We were all thrilled with the boys’ report cards – they both consistently demonstrate good behaviour and work habits and exceed the outcomes most of the time.  We have parent-teacher interviews scheduled for Wednesday night.

The time change and events of the past few days have knocked me out, so I’m going to try to get to bed shortly.  Alex insists he’s going to school tomorrow (he’s not a fan of being in isolation) but his temperature is still over 100.  I told him not to count on it, but we’d evaluate in the morning.  I’m trying to explain it’s better to lay low for a couple of days and get better now, than be sick next week during March Break!!


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