Floors, continued

March 18, 2009

So yesterday didn’t go quite as planned in our grand floor scheme.  We got up in the morning, and were just as delighted with our decision to uncover the floors as we were when we had gone to bed.  D’Arcy headed out to rent a sander, only to discover that the one he wanted was already out.

The kids had a great day – Alex started the morning off by winning a contest on CBC.  The prize is a family pass to the Ice Age Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax.  We’re hoping to get there on Friday.   Sarah went to a play date & lunch with Keira, D’Arcy took the boys to the museum for a paper airplane making & flying contest in the morning, then went to see “Race to Witch Mountain” with their friends in the afternoon.  

D’Arcy worked on his marking & his Thesis and I puttered around.  Finally, at close to five, we got the call that the sander had been returned, so D’Arcy headed off to pick it up – only to find out it wasn’t the one he needed!  The other shop was closed by that point, so he spent the evening marking.  I allowed the boys to open up the futon in our room and watch American Idol from there, hoping they would both fall asleep, which they did.  Shortly after midnight, I woke up to the sound of a waterfall, and looked over to see Alex sitting up.  Any parent knows that sound – too much junk at the movies in the afternoon!!  We sent Evan up to his own bed, and got everything else cleaned up…

D’Arcy is already out picking up the sander and we hope to get both floors sanded down today and varnished tomorrow, so we can get the mess cleaned up and the furniture put back.  I get to keep the kids entertained while he works – wish us both luck!


One Response to “Floors, continued”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    Wow, the floors are so unique, bet they will look fantastic when you finish up. Hope the March Break hump is treating you guys to another fun day! 🙂

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