You never know what you’ll find…

March 19, 2009

So we served breakfast to poor Fernando in the kitchen this morning.  I know lots of B&B’s don’t have the luxury of a beautiful dining room, but I felt a bit strange about having him in the kitchen while I was cooking.  He really has become like family in these last five weeks!!

As soon as he went off to work, D’Arcy went at the floors again and the kids & I hung out.  We have furniture, artwork & break-ables stacked everywhere since the living & dining rooms are totally cleared out, so I really have to stay close by to entertain and watch that nothing gets broken.  I have to admit, I did get immersed in my book at one point, and Olivia wrote on the window and an end table with a red pastel.  (Yes, right beside me!)

We took Olivia up and dropped her off with my parents around 1:45, and headed out to take a break and go see “Hotel for Dogs.”  Because it’s March Break, the theatre is charging $2/child for the Matinees.  Needless to say, it was sold out by the time we got there!  None of the other movies were suitable for Sarah, so we thought we’d move on to “Plan B” – bowling!  I called the bowling alley, only to find out that they were hosting a Seniors’ Tournament and wouldn’t have any lanes open until suppertime.  “Plan C” was what we ended up doing – since Olivia was with my folks, we went to a restaurant for a late lunch/early supper!  It was great.  We had a lot of things that aren’t necessarily healthy, but are a big treat for us!  We shared a big plate of onion rings with a mayonnaise dip, Sarah had a grilled cheese sandwich, Evan had nachos, Alex had garlic fingers with donair sauce, D’Arcy had a steak sandwich and I had a Tuscan chicken panini with pesto mayonnaise!  YUM!  We made sure to wash & brush & get cleaned up before being around Olivia again.

As luck would have it, when we arrived at my parents’ to pick her up, Olivia was wearing new clothes because my mom had given her a bath when she broke out into hives.  She had been helping my mom make a Mexican casserole and my mom thinks she reacted to the chili powder.  She can’t figure out what else it would have been.  The hives got worse & spread over her face, back, hands & bum when we were home, but seemed to get better after some Reactine & Benedryl.  She was wired for quite awhile (understatement – you’d have to see it to believe it!), but finally crashed  fell asleep about 15 minutes ago.

Colin arrived around 4:30 with Suzana’s brother & his truck to move our old piano.  It is of no use to us, just a pretty piece of furniture, and when she was here the other day to see the floors, she expressed an interest in it.  We had often discussed turning it into a bar or a deacon’s bench because the wood is so beautiful, but D’Arcy really does not have the time in the forseeable future to do that.  We’ve had it for over ten years now and not done anything with it yet…  They are hoping to be able to restore it, so we were happy to see it go to a good home!

Getting the piano from the front hall onto Nick’s truck was quite interesting.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think to get my camera until it was already safely on the truck.  That piano is solid oak (I think it’s oak – it’s solid wood regardless) and is HEAVY!!  D’Arcy was concerned about getting it down the front stairs without them becoming the next job.  Eventually, Nick backed the truck right up to the steps, they rigged up a ramp-type system and used some muscles.  It was somewhat comical from my point-of-view!  I think the drive home was probably v-e-r-y slow.  I hope they are able to get some use out of it and I told Colin as they left that I expect we’ll be invited to the first concert!

Tonight, Fernando has been working late, so D’Arcy has been completing the fine sanding of both rooms.  He went downstairs to try to even up some boards, and discovered both a 1940 penny and some shredded paper from the New York Times – dated April 1915!!  We never know what we’ll find around here!

The goal tonight is to get the final sanding finished.  D’Arcy will return the machines first thing tomorrow and then we’re off to Halifax for the day.  We’ll use Alex’s winning Museum passes and have a long overdue great visit with Grandma & Grandpa, staying for supper.  Tomorrow evening, D’Arcy & I will spend wiping down walls, floors, windows, and any dusty surface we can find.  Fernando leaves on Saturday, so I’m hoping to send the kids to my parents (haven’t checked that out with them yet) and get the varnishing done.  That would mean the furniture could be moved back in during our Sunday night “Amazing Race” date, and everything will be back in order for school on Monday.  (Wishful thinking?!)  The quarter-round won’t be installed until next (or Easter) weekend.

More photos tomorrow…


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