Can I start over?

March 23, 2009

Today is the first day back to routine after March Break.  So far:

  • Alex is home from school, sick
  • My laptop is still being repaired so the kids’ computer (burdened with all our extra files) is low on memory and keeps turning itself off spontaneously
  • I snorted hot coffee out through my nose this morning by accident and it still hurts
  • I stuck a tack in my finger while cleaning
  • Olivia threw a full roll of toilet paper into the tub then laid down in the water – now her curls are FULL of little flakes of toilet paper and brushing it is painful for both of us
  • We have a “Heavy Snowfall Warning” forecast for tonight – what happened to Spring?!

Can I go back to bed and start over?


One Response to “Can I start over?”

  1. Barbara Helen Says:

    Some days are like that for us all
    And especially when the kids are small

    Skimmed your other articles and loved
    the photographs
    The floor looks great, but I wondered how many
    days until the first mishap and I even wondered what kind of mishap the first mishap would be
    But the glow of something so clean and brand new
    Can make a heart praise God …..your happier too.
    There is something beautiful working around together on a project in home life
    That creates a warm heart between a man and wife.

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