New School Rant

March 28, 2009

So, it’s no big secret that I’m not a fan of the boys’ new school.  I worried and fretted about it enough here, here,   here and here while making the transition.   Since the move was made, I’ve been very careful to be positive while talking about the school in front of the kids because like it or not, that’s where they spend the majority of their time.  I wanted them to form their own judgements and not influence the way they feel about their school.  

Alex seems mostly oblivious.  He’s  just the happy-go-lucky kid who is going with the flow these days.  He’s also, in Grade 2; still with the “little” kids.  Evan, on the other hand has gone from LOVING school, to telling my mother when she picked him up from band on Wednesday, “I can’t wait to be in Grade 6 so I don’t have to go to this school anymore.”  

It breaks my heart.

I hate the fact that up until the day before March Break, Alex had no idea where Evan’s classroom was.  I hate the fact they eat their lunch while wearing their snowsuits because there’s not enough time to eat and then get dressed.  I hate that they now know what a “sucker-punch” , “giving the finger” & a “retard” are.  I hate the fact the kids on the bus sing a song that has lines which say something to the effect of “stick a rifle up his nose…  pull the trigger, there he blows…”  I wish we could have kept them cocooned in the safety of their neighbourhood community just a little bit longer.

We’re lucky that our kids come home and tell us about this stuff at the supper table and we can tell them how wrong all these actions are and that the people who do and say and act this way probably don’t have the home life they do.  I think Evan is scared to death that he’s going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get involved in one of the altercations some of his friends have been caught in.  We now discuss bullying quite regularly and what to do if you or your friends are the ones being bullied.

It hasn’t been an easy adjustment.  

582 kids, P-5.  

I’ve kept quiet about it all (except to my inner circle) until this weekend.  Thursday, the kids came home and told me that the Premier would be coming to school for the “Grand Opening” on Monday.  I quizzed them about it and they told me the opening ceremonies for the school are being held Monday at 12:30 and that the Premier is going to be there.

“Is there a notice in your agenda?” I asked.

“No, but our teachers told us.”

Today, there was an article in the town newspaper about the opening ceremonies on Monday, listing the time, the fact that the Premier will be there, there’s going to be a ribbon cutting ceremony and the choir (which Alex is a member of) is singing.  However, there was NO NOTICE AT ALL to parents from the school about it.  I guess once you fit 582 students into the gym, there isn’t much room left over for parents…  

I’m going anyway – we will have children enrolled there for the next ten years.  I’m a parent, a volunteer, and my tax dollars helped pay for this “community”  school. (I can’t believe I just said that!)  Most of all, the boys would like to have me there, so I’ll put my game face on, and will do my best to be enthusiastic and make it the special celebration it should be.


2 Responses to “New School Rant”

  1. Destiny Says:

    After this all passes I think you need to shake some construction dust off in the front office with the administrators and explain how much they need to start focusing on the 582 kids in this new school ASAP!

  2. Carrie Says:

    Wow. No wonder you are upset. I was feeling a little jealous of the new school because of the up-to-date facilities but if the kids have to deal with children like that, forget it. I hope the administration and teachers are aware of these behaviours and have a plan to deal with them. I’m sorry that you have to go through these growing pains with your children but I know that your parenting will ensure that they turn out as good as ever!

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