An A+ Day

April 4, 2009

When I was growing up, I remember reading a book about a girl who used to write in her diary each day and would rate the day when it was over.  It seems to me, now that I try to search my mind for the title, that her parents were getting divorced and the one A+ Day she had involved playing in the snow and then coming in for hot chocolate…  (I’ve read a lot of books in my life; perhaps the title of this one will come to me in the night!)

Anyway, for me, today was an A+ Day!

I got to sleep until after nine.

My kids all got along today and I did not have to raise my voice – at all!

D’Arcy got half of his surveys filled out for his Thesis.

We played outside.

I got to read for pleasure.

We had a barbeque and the hamburgers turned out perfectly.

I hung the wash on the line and  it dried.

It was warm enough to open the windows.

Alex got to go to the Clay Cafe with Maddie.

Evan & Sarah made brownies – together.

Olivia was a ballerina.

Did I mention I did not have to raise my voice?!

Life doesn’t get any better than this…


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