April 11, 2009

Last night, I ran into the nurse who had looked after Olivia last Easter weekend when she landed in the hospital after we brought the Easter eggs out of the attic and took the plastic off.  The egg protein that was released, one year old, gave her a reaction and we had to spend the night in the hospital from Good Friday to Saturday.  I told her (the nurse) that I hoped last night would be the only time I saw her this weekend this year!

Fast forward to tonight.  Sarah went upstairs and fell asleep late afternoon today.  When she woke up at suppertime she had a temperature of 102.5*F.  By 6:30, she was complaining that her neck hurt.  I immediately remembered the meningitis outbreak when I was in university and asked her if she could touch her chin to her chest.  She tried it and started to cry.  I called her doctor, our friend, and explained what I was worried about.  He replied that she is not a complainer, and that he hated to ruin my evening, but he thought we should go and get her checked out. 

I called D’Arcy home and he volunteered to take her.  I don’t think he expected to be there this long…  I really *don’t* think it’s meningitis, but in this case, would rather be safe than sorry!  In the meantime, the Easter Bunny can’t come until everyone is asleep, so I’m thinking it’s going to be a LONG night!!


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