In Real Life

April 15, 2009

The boys are so excited today they can hardly stand it. 

They’ve been invited to go watch the YTV kids’ reality show “In Real Life” (think “Amazing Race” for kids…) with contestant Aaron on the big screen tonight.  My mother taught Aaron in Primary and sent him a note to say how much she & the boys were enjoying watching him on the show and the next thing she knew, Aaron’s mom showed up at her door with a poster and invited them to join in while they watch the episode air!  In tonight’s episode, they’re in Alberta fighting fires!


**Updated to add – they had a blast and the late night was worth it!!  They were given red “Go Aaron/Team Red” bandannas and Aaron has invited them back every week – he told them that this episode (firefighting) was the hardest for him as the gear weighed 60 lbs and he only weighs 90lbs!  Here’s a photo of the boys with their latest celebrity friend:  (they don’t look happy or anything…)


Oh yeah – and he made it through to another week!!  🙂


One Response to “In Real Life”

  1. Maham Says:

    WOW!!! I LOVE that show!! My favourite contestant was Aaron because he kept proving everyone wrong and he is just so cute! I love his smile and his positive attitude plus his lovely accent, is it Irish?! You are sooo lucky, I wish I can meet him one day. I have wanted to visit the East coast of Canada for a while now, like the East East coast. (If you know what I mean!) By the way, I am a 14 year old Muslim girl and I live in Vaughan, Ontario (The city above Toronto). I just gave you those extra details so you could get a better image of me. I think your kids look adorable in that picture with Aaron! By now you probably know that Aaron has been eliminated-that is such a harsh word, well i started tearing up when he was eliminated, I dont know why I got that emotional…but he should be proud of himself, he got further than I would have, and he did more things I have ever done in my life! I haven’t done much in my life anyway…the furthest I ever traveled was Montreal. (It’s the truth) oh and i can’t swim…never had the time or money for lessons..we are definitely not the richest of families but we are getting by life pretty well. I know I’m making random comments but they just pop in my head! =P How old is Aaron? I am guessing maybe 14. Your kids look 9/10 and 11/12. The younger being the one with the glasses. I am writing so much! Well anyways email back with any knew info or comments..if you can, get Aaron to email me! If he sees this he is probably gonna be surprised…thinking : “wow this is kind of awkward..somebody from Ontario knows who i am…” But either way if you could get him to email me it would make my week…and i haven’t been getting many good days or weeks lately….you know, with exams just around the corner. it is so cool how you know Aaron….your picture at the top of this web page (i don’t know the appropriate name for it) is adorable!

    Bye for now! (sorry for all of the spelling or grammar mistakes I might have made-it is just how I write comments or e-mails)


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