No Celiac, but major diet changes

April 21, 2009

Olivia & I headed out first thing this morning to the IWK for her appointment with the dietitian.  We had recorded everything she ate since we got the appointment last Wednesday so that her diet could be analyzed again.  It was last done in October, just before we took her off her Alimentum.  The first thing we did was weigh her and she was still 13.8 kg, the same as she was at her allergist appointment two weeks ago.  It was good she hadn’t lost anything, but she hadn’t gained either.  More of her bloodwork was back, including the dreaded Celiac Disease Test – NEGATIVE!!  I had been preparing myself during the drive; if we lost gluten, I know we would deal with it, but I think I’d have gone over the edge for a bit.  The results of her CAP allergy tests are still pending…

Basically, the reason her doctor was worried is because a child’s growth pattern should be set by age two, and Olivia’s weight has always been either in the 95th percentile or off the chart (meaning she was heavier than 95% or more of the other kids her age) and the 75th percentile for height.  She continues to be in the 75th percentile for height, but has fallen to just over the 50th percentile for weight in just a few months.  Children grow and thin out, but shouldn’t lose weight like that.  She just doesn’t have the fat in her diet that she needs anymore without the formula.

The plan is to change her diet & eating habits.  Starting tomorrow, she will be allowed no more than 16 oz. (2 cups) of rice milk per day.  That’s going to be tough because she loves it so much.  Also, she is now to have three meals and three snacks per day, with two hours between each and nothing in between those times but water.  If it takes her more than 20 minutes to eat, we take her food away.  Apparently, this has been proven to be more beneficial when trying to gain weight, as opposed to grazing.

We also have to do things like whisk a teaspoon of olive oil into her soups, spread oil on her pizza crust before we put the sauce on it, add sugar to her cereal, put (her special dairy/soy-free) butter on crackers, molasses in her cream of wheat, start feeding her more bacon, etc.  The kids all had pancakes with butter & maple syrup and bacon for supper – they thought they were in heaven!  The rest of us are going to be putting on a few pounds too.  Apparently, she should be able to safely eat french fries from McDonalds and she can have a hamburger patty with ketchup too (no bun because they contain soy & traces of egg) so we just may have to go have a happy meal sometime soon. 

I did have a smug moment giggle when the dietitian told me while analyzing her diet that despite her allergies, Olivia currently eats a better balanced and well-rounded diet than most adults do! 

She’ll go back in a month to be weighed and the dietician wants to see her at 14.5 kgs.  If she hasn’t reached that, she’ll have to start drinking a nutritional suppliment again.  The new one she would be given is very expensive – so much so the hospital actually has a program to cover the cost!  I’m hoping that we can keep her from losing anymore weight just by changing her diet.

That being said, by adding all this extra oil, sugar & bacon to her diet, I have a feeling she’s not going to be the only one gaining weight around here…

2 Responses to “No Celiac, but major diet changes”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    Great news about the Celiac test! Stephen will be happy to hear the D’Arcy will be eating more bacon, sugar, etc. 😉

    Hope the new diet works out for Olivia!


  2. LeeAnne Says:

    Wow! Good luck keeping track of that eating schedule, and even more good luck on helping the rest of the family NOT gain a ton!

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