Almost a week?

April 29, 2009

Wow – it’s almost been a week since I posted an update.  Life seems to be quite busy these days.  Between the arrival of the sunshine and  “guest season” this week, my time has been at a premium.  Some of the activities keeping us busy this week were: taking the boys to see the local High School musical production, Alex’s First Confession (wouldn’t I have loved to be a fly in the confessional for that one!), haircuts for myself & the boys, a “girls” party for the local NDP Candidate, Sunday School, rototilling the garden, de-thatching & raking the lawn, grocery shopping ($400 worth!),Alex’s performance of “My Caterpillar” in the Music Festival (84.5 and another red ribbon!), house-cleaning & re-arranging our bedroom, a Board Conference Call, Preschool, Band, Intramurals, Running Club, Dance, Choir, dinner out with friends, a Tourism Research Forum, and a full house of Music Festival adjudicators all week.  Phew.  

The boys’ school was closed down on Monday because the school had no power.  Which also meant no phones or computers.  And?  From various reports – no emergency lighting on the Primary, One & Two Floor!  My sister-in-law was up at the school to pick up Luke because he was sick and offered to bring Evan home for me.  (Alex hadn’t gone to school because that was the morning he performed in the Music Festival).  Karen told me that she was almost in tears, trying to find the kids in the dark and that the teachers were using their cell phones to try to contact the parents of the 600 kids!  What a nightmare!!

Olivia’s new diet seems to be going well, although I haven’t weighed her yet to see if she’s gained anything.  

Sarah is obsessed with brushing her teeth these days because she doesn’t want to get a cavity.  I know I should be pleased that she’s so conscientious, but waking me at 4 am to ask if she’d brushed her teeth before she went to bed did not make me very happy!

Evan was given a registration form by his phys.ed teacher to join the Junior High Spring Basketball League.  He’ll be playing with boys in Grades 5-9 and the first practice is tonight.  He’s considering going away to an overight basketball camp this summer, so it will be good for him to meet and get to play with some older kids and build on his skills.

The boys are registered to run the kids’ portion of the Bluenose Marathon (4.2k) on the long weekend and D’Arcy and I will be running the 5k.  Back in January, we had thought we’d like to run the 10k, but I’ve hardly been out running lately and just won’t be ready.  5k it is.  Eek!  (I’m so not a natural runner…)

I have booked our summer vacation(s), so am excited to be planning those!  We will be staying at a hotel in Halifax for three nights surrounding our nephew’s wedding, and have rented a 29′ RV to go camping in PEI for five days.  It’s fun to have that to look forward to, knowing the busy season is just getting started.  Our numbers this year are down so far, and from the looks of our bookings, that trend is going to continue for the near future.  People are still booking though, so we won’t panic yet!!  

This is sort of a disjointed update, but that’s how my brain is working these days!!

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