Nothing says “Happy Mothers’ Day” like new knives!

May 11, 2009

The last time we had sharp knives was ten years ago when we bought a set, complete with knife block, at Ikea in Montreal.  For Mother’s Day, D’Arcy bought me new Grohmann bread knife and kitchen knife.  Now doesn’t that say, “I love you”?  Actually, I had hinted recently that it would be nice to have some sharp knives.    Unfortunately, today, I sliced the pad of the middle finger of my left hand with my sharp new bread knife while trying to cut open a roll for the kids for lunch.  It sliced through the skin just like butter.  Alex was home because he had tripped on the curb and fallen on his face at recess today.  His glasses were bent and scratched, so he came home long enough to get his spare pair of glasses, take some Tylenol & have his lunch.  He really wanted to get back to school because there was a man there who spent the day setting up 12,000 dominoes and they were setting them off after lunch.  Anyway, I was glad he was here because he was able to get me some band-aids while I kept pressure on it.  I’m afraid to take the band-aid off to check it now…

We went to see High School Musical at Neptune Theatre in Halifax yesterday afternoon, a Christmas Gift from my parents.  We left Olivia with them and headed to the city after church.  It was really well done and the boys were fairly star-struck.  All three of the original Doodlebops were in it, as was Dunnery Bond (winner of “The Next Star” onYTV), Elena Juacto (former Canadian Idol contestant), and Aaron Kyte who was in another Neptune Performance we saw at Christmas this year.  Sarah really wanted to meet “Gabriella” and when she finally got the chance, she thrust her ticket in her face in the hopes that she would sign it.  “Gabriella” told her she would love to sign it, but that she’d like to get her picture taken with “Troy”, Sarah & the boys first.  Sarah dissolved into tears, so is not in the photo.  She did get her ticket signed and high-fived them both before we left.

The boys with Dunnery Bond

The boys with Dunnery Bond

The boys with Troy & Gabriella

The boys with Troy & Gabriella

Sarah with Troy & Gabriella's cutouts - she was happy with this!

Sarah with Troy & Gabriella's cutouts - she was happy with this!

We got back to the van and discovered that Darrell Dexter’s van was parked next to us.  Evan wanted his photo taken with one last “celebrity”!

Future NDP Voter?

Future NDP Voter?

We went to D’Arcy’s parents house to give his mom our card and they invited us for supper.  I felt guilty letting my mother-in-law cook on Mother’s Day, but it was really yummy and we had a fun visit.  D’Arcy’s sister Erin & brother Brian with his wife Morag all arrived while we were there, so we got to have a nice visit!  We arrived home close to nine and got everybody into bed right away – two hours late on a school night!!

It was worth it though!


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