Busy Weekend

May 30, 2009

I got back yesterday afternoon from my night away to attend the TIANS AGM in Pictou.  I had a great time.  Every time I attend one of these meetings, I come home energized about Tourism!

I was quickly thrown back into reality and have a birthday party, our nephew’s First Communion, Sarah’s Dance Recital & a celebratory dinner here this weekend.  I have to do some baking to make sure we have safe cupcakes for Olivia at our nephew’s gathering tonight since my SIL told me she made cupcakes, but they aren’t safe.  I’m glad she let me know (this morning!) because cupcakes are one thing Olivia is going to want that the other kids have.

D’Arcy & I cleaned out our linen closet and our own clothes closet this morning, so we are slowly-but-surely getting organized after the winter.  I have a whole bag of things to send along to our great-nephew; fun stuff like a potty seat and crib sheets, some clothes that are too big for him…  We’ve thrown a few toys in too, so it’s not all boring!  D’Arcy’s parents will take it all home with them tonight after Mass and make sure they get it.

Sarah has requested ham, broccoli & carrots for dinner tomorrow night, so that takes some of the pressure off to do anything too fancy.  The boys & I are going to make cut-out ballerina cookies this afternoon to have for dessert and D’Arcy will pick up the groceries while the van is getting an alignment.

I can’t wait to see Sarah in her first dance recital – I have a feeling I had better wear waterproof mascara!!


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