Some good news and some not so good news…

June 2, 2009

Olivia rocked her weigh-in at 14.2 kg.  (“Her” goal was 14.5 kg!)  Basically, they wanted to see her gain between seven & nine grams (on average) per day, and she gained 7.8!  She’ll have another weigh-in in another month, but at least I can stop worrying about having to give her special formula.  (I’m sure the McDonald’s french fries shes had about five times in the past month have helped too!!)

Alex didn’t get such a good report.  I won’t go on about it because it hurts my heart, but his vision has dropped three lines in eight weeks, so as of tomorrow morning, he goes back to using atropine eye drops daily.  He was given a choice of patching or drops and he chose drops.  He sobbed when he realized what was happening and luckily, we had one of our favourite orthoptists with us.  Together, we reassured him that it was NOT his fault; that eye is just stubborn.  

To put this into perspective, when he had his last appointment (Apr.6) his vision was 20/40 which is considered legal driving vision.  Today, he could not get any letters on the 20/60 line.  If he loses any letters on the 20/70 line, he qualifies for APSEA again. 

We never dreamed this would happen.

By Alex’s age, eyes should be fairly stable and to go back so far is so rare.

We will deal with it as best we can and put on a brave face for his sake.  In the meantime, our hearts break at the idea that his eye just does not want to see!


4 Responses to “Some good news and some not so good news…”

  1. LeeAnne Says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about Alex’s setback. I hope the drops are able to do the trick. What’s the next step — when will there be a re-check? Hugs to you!

  2. swimminhill Says:

    Ugh. Poor Alex, I’m so, so sorry to hear how that stubborn eye is behaving. Really hoping to hear some good news once he’s back on the drops. At least you got some great news about Olivia to even things out…so glad the ‘Donald’s fries are doing the trick!

  3. destinyfay Says:

    Give Alex a hug for me. Remind him somtimes it is one step forwrd and twosteps back but eventually things start to balance out. I’m sure these highs and lows really take their toll on him and the rest of you.
    Great job boosting Olivia’s calories and getting her weight up. (I’m still looking for the nutritionists info-I haven’t forgotten just misplaced it.)

  4. […] August 12, 2009 · Leave a Comment Alex had his monthly eye appointment this afternoon and left with some great news!  The atropine drop & plaino lens have been working and his vision is back up to 20/40!  (His last appointment results can be found by clicking: here). […]

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