June 7, 2009

D’Arcy & I were in one of the guests rooms this morning, while the kids were running wild playing with one another.  My father was here because he had brought down a new quilt, bedskirt, cushions & slipcovers that my mother had made for one of our guest rooms.  We heard a BANG and then a scream; multiple screams in fact.  D’Arcy & I went running and found Evan in a panic, yelling, “Olivia… Window…”

I seriously thought she had fallen out of the second floor window.

As it turned out, the stick holding the window up “somehow” came out and the window fell shut on her right hand, across her knuckles.  (Shudder.)

Her thumb & index finger appear to be fine, but she is favouring the other three fingers.  They do bend, but she won’t bend them, hold anything in that hand, or lean her weight on them.  There is a big black bruise in the bend of her ring finger knuckle, and a blister and spot where the skin broke open on her middle finger.

Poor baby!

She went to bed and I cuddled with her all morning (while D’Arcy cleaned the guest rooms – she’d cry and say she needed me every time I tried to get up to go help him!  I must remember to thank her for that…)

Evan had his band concert this afternoon.  It went very well and he did a great job;  I find it’s always fun to hear a group of elementary school kids play “Tequila!” with such gusto!!  Colin & Suzana were there for Mira and the girls were glued to them.  Another friend of ours, who is a doctor, was there also and we asked him if he thought we should take Olivia out to get her fingers checked?  He felt them as best he could and noted that Olivia was yelling at him in annoyance rather than screaming in pain.  He mentioned that kids’ fingers heal really quickly but that we could go and get an x-ray requisition and they might put a “bunny brace” on it.  I think we’ve decided that we’ll take the wait-and-see approach and if she’s still favouring it tomorrow, we’ll take her in.

In the meantime, there’s no question that it’s hurting her.  She has all the (bad) luck!


One Response to “OUCH!”

  1. LeeAnne Says:

    Poor Olivia!! I hope her fingers are better! LOL at “Tequila”! 🙂

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