Sa-wing batter batter

June 18, 2009

Baseball is not my favourite sport.  I do have some fun memories involving baseball, such as being on the dance floor at JJ Rossy’s (a bar in Halifax) when the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series back in 199-something, or when D’Arcy & I watched the Boston Red Socks win the World Series for the first time in years from the Delivery Room at the IWK and Sarah was born at 4:59 am the next morning.  (We still refer to her as the ‘curse of the babe’!)

I’m sure I just about choked when Evan first came home from school with a pamphlet and told me he wanted to sign up for t-ball baseball.  The only thing worse I can think of  might have been hockey (I’m a fan of neither morning nor being cold…)   But being the supportive parents that we are, we not just signed Evan up, but I think we signed Alex (wearing a patch, legally blind and with no depth perception) up that year too.

Back in those days, the coach threw the ball to each player until he or she hit the ball.


Alex, thank goodness, has left baseball behind and is taking private golfing lessons instead this summer.

Things move along a little bit more quickly  in baseball now; the kids do the pitching and the bat does occasionally make contact with the ball.

Evan has been frustrated this year because he’s had a few walks (remember, the pitcher is learning how to pitch too!) and the times he’s had hits, they’ve ended up being foul balls.

Tonight, everything changed.

The first inning, he struck out.

The second inning, he struck out.

The third inning (I think… It might have been the fourth, because I did pick up my book for a few minutes in there) he hit a nice ground ball, in between first & second base.  He made it to first, and ran like the wind to second.

He took a quick look around, and noting that they had fumbled the ball (am I getting football mixed in here?) ran as hard as he could for third and then home.

The crowd (Sarah, Olivia & I in the van) went wild!

He told me afterwards that he got to second base and had butterflies in his stomach because he’d never made it that far before.  Then, when he realized that they didn’t have the ball, he ran for home and didn’t know if he was safe or not, so still had butterflies.  He told me that he couldn’t hear us screaming for him because his teammates were all coming out of the dugout telling him what a great job he did!

I was so proud, I called D’Arcy at Cubs to tell him and he wanted to know all the details.

The girls were bored and whiny thirsty so I bribed promised them that we would stop for a drink on the way home.  Olivia wanted apple juice, Sarah wanted chocolate milk and Evan couldn’t make up his mind.  He hummed & hawed until he decided on chocolate milk, and stayed in the van with the girls while I ran into the store.

I came out and told him that I didn’t get him a chocolate milk and he replied that it was okay.  (He’s easy-going like that!)  When I passed him back a single-sized V-8 Fusion (his favourite!!), he beamed from ear-to-ear and told me that this was the Best Day of (his) Life!!

As a parent, it doesn’t get much better than that!!  I won’t begrudge going to baseball again because you just never know what might happen!!


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