Happy Summer Vacation!

June 27, 2009

Today is the last day of school, and the first day of summer vacation – yes, the boys had to go to school on Saturday!

Our day didn’t get started off on the best foot.  D’Arcy had put on overnight oatmeal brown bread last night for teachers’ gifts, so got up at five to put it in the pans.  He came back to bed and told me he was just going to lie down for a “few minutes”.  The next thing I knew, it was 6:35 and he was still asleep beside me!  “The bread!” I exclaimed, “we won’t have time for it to bake before the boys leave for school!”  He hopped up and ran downstairs to deal with it.

Meanwhile, Sarah had woken up and was crying because her father had scooped up the dress she had laid out to wear today with the laundry and it was wet in the washer.  These things are traumatic when you’re four!  I put the dress in the dryer and went back upstairs to hop in the shower.

I had just started the water when Olivia came into the bathroom screaming because she had fallen out of bed!  I got her calmed down and settled into my bed, watching cartoons and finally got into the shower.

When I finished and turned off the water, I could hear the smoke alarm in the kitchen going off.  One of the boys had burnt their toast!  Oh, I’m sure the guests loved that at 6:52!!

The boys had to leave for school without their bread because it was too hot to bag, which meant that D’Arcy had to make a special trip up to the school with it before heading to school himself.  At least he got to thank the boys teachers personally on our behalf for getting us through what could have been a very difficult transition.

While I was serving breakfast, Olivia & Sarah were doing a “butterfly dance” in the tv room and collided.  More screaming.  Great.

The guests, surprisingly, seemed quite happy and said they hadn’t heard a thing!?!  (I’m not sure if they were just being polite, or what!)

I’m hoping this isn’t an omen of how our break is going to go.  I think we’ll call it closure from a difficult year instead.

Surely the day has to get better from here on out, so we’ll officially start our vacation when D’Arcy gets home…


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