Not Since Moses

June 28, 2009

Today, we packed up the gang at 7:15 am and headed to Five Islands, NS, to run in the “Not Since Moses” race on the floor of the Bay of Fundy.  The kids’ run was actually scheduled and went ahead yesterday morning, but since our School Board had the last day of school yesterday (Saturday) they added a second kids’ run, just last week for today.  The race date is planned each year according to the time the tide is at its lowest and out the longest.

I had to wake the girls up and get them dressed, just before we loaded them in the car, taking their breakfast to-go.  (My parents arrived at 7:00 to serve breakfast for the guests – we’re so lucky!!)  Evan is NOT a morning person, so he was being sullen until we hit the road, and then they were all raring to go!!

IMG_5523_3We listened to some “High School Musical”, etc. along the way, and everyone was getting down with it.  I had thought that the race started at 9:00, so made sure we were there in lots of time.  As it turned out, we were the second car in the parking lot (other than the volunteers – and there were only a couple of them around as well!)  We decided to head down to the beach to pass the time.

The kids found a large driftwood tree trunk, and hung out on that for a few moments, talking and giggling…


And then we went down to the water’s edge as it receded and spent a good chunk of time skipping stones…






We have never been so early for something that we actually got to watch them set up!! (The race started at nine yesterday, 9:30 today!)


We ended up going back up to the van, checking out the port-a-potties, and watching the other runners arrive and sign up.


D’Arcy even put the kids all on the roof of the van, so they could have a better view of what was going on. (Olivia didn’t seem too impressed!) They came off pretty quickly when Evan exclaimed, “That felt freaky when the roof just sank underneath us!”


The girls then had fun, finding one another in the tent windows…


We went back down to the beach and hung out on the driftwood while waiting for the tide to go out further.


Sarah even had time to make a “Discovery” when she learned that some rocks can be used as a pencil on others. (We called them “chalk rocks” when I was growing up…)


Finally, the organizers decided the tide was out far enough and came by asking the kids to line up to run in “one minute”! We were ready!! Unfortunately, most of the kids had run yesterday, so there were only a few today. The Volunteer making the announcements said that in yesterday’s race, only two runners completed the full 1k. (It’s more difficult than you would think!!) Both our boys finished!


The boys ran on ahead from the start, but the girls & I did great during the beach part…


We ran along the beach without a problem, but as soon as we had to turn the 125m mark and run in the mud, the girls started to wail cry. The volunteer who was marking the way was trying to cajole them, but the more their feet sank, the harder they screamed cried. D’Arcy could see us from the start, and noticed that we had stopped, but he couldn’t tell what was going on. He kept taking photos of the boys…







The girls and I had decided to forsake the mud and come back on the beach by this point (I had to carry Olivia most of the way, still wailing crying…)


We FINALLY made it, tired, dirty & indignant!





They all got medals for completing the race. Some were more pleased than others…


This one was taken by our friend Judy, a B&B owner in Five Islands.  Like I said, Olivia was not happy until she was cleaned up!!

This one was taken by our friend Judy, a B&B owner in Five Islands. Like I said, Olivia was not happy until she was cleaned up!!

We went to Five Islands Provincial Park for a Picnic and to watch the start of the 10k.



See the 10k runners in the distance? “HI Mrs. Dennis!!” ;-P



I love that my kids really love one another – look how much fun they have together!!!

We had to stop along the way home to get this photo for Ms. Teale,


We also stopped at the Market on the way home, then I put all the laundry in the washer while D’Arcy hosed off the sneakers. He took all of the kids to my parents’ house for a swim-bath this afternoon, and we’re planning a low-key movie night and early bed tonight.

I LOVE Summer Vacation!!


3 Responses to “Not Since Moses”

  1. Destiny Says:

    looks like great fun!!!! I would love to take the kids to that…hmm we will have to see.

  2. swimminhill Says:

    Oh my goodness that looks like a lot of fun! I would LOVE to do the mucky part in bare feet! 🙂

  3. […] who we had nominated for the Tourism Innovator Award.  (He WON!!)  Dick is the man behind the Not Since Moses race that the kids participated in on the first day of summer vacation this […]

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