A Trip to the ER

June 29, 2009

And we had gone almost a full year without taking Olivia to the ER…

Our local pharmacy is owned by our neighbours so rather than us going to pick up Olivia’s prescriptions, they will usually drop them off to us when going by.  This morning, we received a delivery of Olivia’s Prevacid, which she takes for GERD (reflux).  It comes is a dissoluble tablet, which she puts on her tongue once in the morning and once at suppertime.  She loves it.

I gave her this morning’s dose, and then put the package on the kitchen table while I was talking with our guest in the dining room.

Not long after, Alex called to me, “Mom, Olivia’s playing with her medicine.”

We discovered that she had popped five pills out of their blister packs and eaten them!  (Plus the dose I had already given her…)

I called the pharmacy and told them what happened while Olivia was screaming bloody murder in the background because we had taken her “candy” away from her!  They did some calculations and checked with poison control, and it turned out that based on the dose she’d had, she should have vomiting induced or take activated charcoal.  Great.

So off went D’Arcy & Olivia to the hospital where they put her under observation.  She was showing absolutely NO symptoms of distress, so they kept her on a heart strip for a bit (it was perfect) and then sent her home.

Needless to say, she doesn’t get any more doses until Wednesday, and I’m hoping that she’ll sleep well tonight with no reflux!

And yes, the boxes are back up on the top shelf where I should have put them in the first place…


One Response to “A Trip to the ER”

  1. LeeAnne Says:

    Oh wow!! I remember a time when I had to call poison control so often, I knew the number by heart!! I’m so glad she’s OK! And look on the bright side — she should be heartburn-free for a nice long while! 🙂

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