O Canada!

July 2, 2009

Yesterday was Canada Day and we had a great day!

We had invited some favourite friends over for a barbeque, so spent the morning cooking & getting things ready so we didn’t have to spend all our time in the kitchen once they got here.  When Sarah had woken up in the morning, the first thing she asked about was going to the Park to get her face painted for Canada Day – that was what she remembered from spending the day in the Park last year!

We all wore our Canada Day t-shirts from last year and the park was packed!!


We managed to walk right past the playground which gave me much joy. (Hundreds of kids who had eaten who-knows-what would have raised my blood pressure had we stopped there!) Sarah knew right where to go to find the face painters from last year, so off we went, on a mission! We did stop at the van sponsored by the local radio station, who were giving out Canada Flags and – SAFE potato chips!! While we waited in line, D’Arcy & the boys went off to buy some cotton candy and Olivia ate some for the very first time! She loved it!

I asked her what it tasted like and she innocently replied, “Sugah”


Evan wasn’t feeling very photogenic…


The line was long, so Olivia spent some time exploring the flower beds .  (No, I didn’t notice until we got to the park that when I had told everyone to put their shoes on, Olivia put slippers on – we just went with it; that’s what you do with four children…)


Alex & Sarah asked if they could go and explore the creek. I love these photos!!




A conservative estimate of the time we spent in the face-painting line would be an hour-and-a-half. Sarah was so happy to get her “Hello Kitty” with the sparkly pink bow!  They closed the line two families behind us!!


And Olivia will do anything to be like her big sister! (She chose a yellow bow though…)


Alex asked for “Sponge Bob”.


As per his sister’s (Olivia’s) instructions, Evan was a great sport and got an Elmo!!


We were running very late as usual (did I say that?!) by this time, so while the boys were getting finished, D’Arcy started off to the van with the girls.


We got home in time to put the roast on the rotisserie and get the kitchen cleaned up.

Sarah thought the napkins were funny!


The kids had fun together while we relaxed out back.




D’Arcy (&I) were excited to try the new rotisserie BBQ. Perhaps he more than I…


Don’t the girls look like they’re enjoying their meal?


I promised the kids that we might play a game with them, so we drew names for teams and played Children’s Trivial Pursuit. Although the game got called for fireworks, Colin & Alex were clearly winning…




The winners: see how intent they were on each question??


My crazy oldest boys:


Unfortunately, the girls had crashed by the time the fireworks went off, but the rest of us had a perfect view from our deck.

Happy Canada Day!!


2 Responses to “O Canada!”

  1. destinyfay Says:

    Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!

  2. swimminhill Says:

    Happy July! Sounds like you bunch had as good a day as us 🙂 Love the pictures…especially of the creek. It makes me so excited for what we have in store for the future (although I’m in no rush to lose the BABY stage)!

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