A week already?

July 4, 2009

A week ago today was the last day of school.  How did the week go by so quickly?

We had a quiet night at the B&B last night – no guests at all!  This weekend is historically slow since we find many Canadians & Americans wait until the holidays are over to travel.

We forwarded the phone yesterday (just in case!) and took the kids up to my parents’ house to go swimming.  What a difference in Sarah, especially, this year!  Last year, she would just play around the pool and this year, she’s paddling all over the place in her water wings.  Olivia, as always, does everything her siblings do; nothing holds that child back!






We came home and while D’Arcy was trying to finish cutting the lawn, we had a heavy summer shower.  The girls ran inside and watched it from the dining room window.


D’Arcy & Evan played a game of Risk while I curled up in the living room and finished my book and Alex & the girls played together.  When the girls went to bed, the four of us watched Pink Panther 2 in the Guest Living Room!

Talk about the lazy days of summer – we don’t get too many of those around here, so it was heavenly!!


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