To wii or not to wii

July 10, 2009

Evan & Alex really want a wii, so D’Arcy & I have told them that they can save their own money to buy one.  Our poor, deprived sons have lived this long with just a Nintendo 64 as their sole piece of gaming equipment, bought for them at a yard sale.

They have being doing jobs for us to earn money, and so far, Evan is way ahead.  They each need $158.20 and Evan is already there; he just needs another $17 because he wants to ensure he will still have $50 left in his bank account when they’ve bought it.  Alex, on the other hand, takes his wallet with him whenever he goes to the store and loves to buy juice, flavoured waters, candy, crackers, etc.  Needless to say, it’s taking him much longer to earn the needed money!!

Unfortunately, he had a major setback yesterday.

He loves to iron and that is one of “his” chores: ironing napkins & pillowcases.  He’s been told over and over not to play with the iron.  (I never thought I would write in a sentence that my child was playing with the iron!)  However, it was on the mantle in our tv room yesterday, where D’Arcy had left it after ironing the night before.  To make a long-story-short, Alex was playing with it and knocked it off the mantle onto the brick hearth below.

My new $100 iron.

Just over a month old.

We do a lot of ironing.

He & D’Arcy took it apart last night to see if it could be fixed, but to no avail.   Alex’s quest for the wii has been thwarted, as he now first has to earn $75 to pay for a new iron. ( D’Arcy found one on sale.)

So far today, he has helped me with the dishes and now he is out with D’Arcy learning how to edge the lawn.  Evan is off to basketball camp next week, so he’ll have a week of being able to earn money for Evan’s chores as well as his own.

Alex’s birthday is in August – I’ll bet I can guess what he’ll be asking for!!


2 Responses to “To wii or not to wii”

  1. Matt LeBlanc Says:

    Matt thinks it’s a good idea that Alex and Evan pay for the console. D’Arcy and Anne will need to purchase the accessories and games which Matt would be more than happy to suggest appropriate titles.

  2. D'Arcy Says:

    D’Arcy thinks that is great that Matt will suggest appropriate titles. Matt will you also suggest appropriate prices?

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