A mid-summer afternoon hailstorm

July 13, 2009

I was on the phone with a friend of mine this afternoon, talking about her recent adventures Tidal Bore Rafting, when I had to interrupt her and say that we were getting some rumblings of thunder, so I thought I should get off the phone.  The rain had started to fall really hard, so I called to Alex & Sarah to come see – there is a nice feeling about being safe & dry inside while it pours outside!

Soon, we realized that there was hail mixed in with the rain and it got really dark, so I started giving orders to go and unplug the tvs & computers, while I tried to figure out how to disconnect the cable from the wall.  By that time, it was coming down really hard, so I grabbed the camera.





Our neighbour was outside, taking photos too…



Sarah & Alex went out to check the hail on the deck – Sarah was still afraid it would thunder more, so had a hard time forcing a smile!


D’Arcy & Olivia had been in the grocery store when all this was going on and they said it was very loud!   Olivia wasn’t too impressed by it all either…


Now that it’s over, Sarah is feeling much braver and wants to go outside to find out where all the “inhale” went!!


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