July 20, 2009

We were lucky enough to be invited to Auntie Kay & Uncle Hug’s cottage on Saturday. It was their turn to host the weekly race & after-sail, so because Karen was looking after that, Kevin was looking for helpers for sailing and invited D’Arcy & the boys.

We couldn’t have packed much more into our Saturday.

It was my friend Janelle’s last day home before going back to Tennessee, so we met up to go for a run together at 6 a.m. We ran about 5km, then came back and had coffee while D’Arcy made banana muffins. We had a full house to feed & socialize with. Once we got them all off on their way, D’Arcy strapped Olivia in the stroller and took her for a run. When they got back, we packed everyone up in the van and headed to the Farmers’ Market where we ran into Evan’s baseball coach. He told us that there was a practice in the park at noon, so we raced home to barbeque sausages for lunch and got Evan to baseball while I cleaned furiously. I don’t know that we’ve ever had the rooms finished so quickly, but we were packed and ready for the lake by 1:30. My father came down so that we could relax and have fun for the afternoon. We arrived at the lake at 2:05 which is worth noting, as we had hoped to be there for 2:00 – we are notoriously late for things!

The boys got life jackets on and were excited to spend the day on the water, even moreso when they realized their cousin Luke was joining them too!




As they got out onto the water, the rain started. Surprise! The boys were nonplussed, the girls not-so-much. I was able to run into the cottage to get them umbrellas which were a lot of fun to play with, once we agreed on who got which one…


The rest of the kids were involved with the ceremony of the race and Sarah was happy to be allowed to fly the blue flag which meant that the race would start in one minute.




Unfortunately, Uncle Hug & crew jumped the start, so they had to turn around and start again!


While they were sailing (it was about two hours in total) we stayed inside the cottage and read, played, gabbed & drank red wine. We did check on the boats occasionally… Our crew came in 3rd and it sounded like they had a lot of fun. I had joked with the boys when they left that they should cover their ears if they heard bad words. When they arrived back, Evan said they only had to do that once! D’Arcy & Alex had a lot of fun joking aroud together…



The after-sail was fun! (isn’t any event with Cheesies fun?!) We couldn’t stay too long because we had told my parents we’d be back by 6:00 for another full house. (Have to hate when work gets in the way of fun!!) However, Auntie Kay had safe juices & safe chips for Olivia (we told her no cheesies!) and she was fascinated by catching rain water off the sail, into her “wine glass”.

What a great day and such wonderful memories; despite the rain!!





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