Hawt Dawg!

July 23, 2009

Olivia will be three in November and has never had a hot dog.  If she were the eldest, this wouldn’t be such a big deal; I’m not sure Evan ever had a hot dog until he was close to five…   In fact, up until we found out about Olivia’s allergies, the other kids always ate veggie dogs as hot dogs; I’m not sure we’ve had hot dogs of any type in the house since then.  The older kids have had them at birthday parties or other family gatherings, of course.  I did find some safe sausages recently, so I’d been buying those and when we went to our nephew’s party a couple of weeks ago, I took the sausage along for her while the others ate hot dogs.

I had a tourism meeting in Halifax this week and took advantage to go shopping at Costco.  While there, I was walking down the refrigerator section, where the words, “all beef” and “no fillers” caught my eye.  It’s totally a case of wanting what you can’t have (or wanting your daughter to have what she can’t have) because as soon as I realized the ingredients looked safe, I bought three packages, thinking I could store one at home, and one at each grandparents’ house.

Yesterday, I boiled a bunch for dinner (more awake time to watch for reactions) and we all sat down together.  Here’s a video of her first bite (in a “safe” flat-bread hot dog bun):

She liked it so much, she ate two.  (Not recommended for a food trial:  you’re supposed to just eat a few bites and increase the amount the next day…)

She loved them (obviously).

She did great the rest of the day, but we ended up being up in the night with her:  she peed the bed shortly after midnight which is unusual; she’s been dry at night for awhile now.

She started throwing up around 1:30 a.m.

Hot dogs.

In our bed.

I’m not sure if it was just too much of a gross good thing too soon, but I’m not ready to say that hot dogs are a fail just yet.  Next time we try them, we’ll make sure to only give her one and see what happens.

In the meantime, dinner tonight consisted of grilled chicken breast, roasted potatoes, grilled zucchini and braised arugula that had been marinated in olive oil & raspberry balsamic vinaigrette, with steamed broccoli, cauliflower & sugar snap peas.

Hopefully she’ll have a settled belly full of good food and sleep through the night tonight.

We will try the hot dogs again though!

Everything in moderation…


One Response to “Hawt Dawg!”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    Cute! Looks like she really, really liked her hot dogs. I’m glad I’ve already eaten lunch or else I fear I might have caved… 🙂

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