It’s a great day for a wedding!

August 8, 2009

We’re in Halifax on a mini-vacation this weekend.  Our nephew Christopher, is marrying his beautiful bride, Lisa this afternoon.

We checked into our hotel yesterday, went swimming and then got beautified for the rehearsal!


The rehearsal went well, although they had already practiced the procession by the time we got there – uh oh!  D’Arcy insists they must have started the rehearsal early.  Hmmm, must be something to that statement that when you get the new, special, McD last name, you’re never on time for anything again…  Watch out Lisa!!  😀

rehearsalWe went back to D’Arcy’s brother, Michael & Kim’s house for the Rehearsal Party.  They were very accommodating and cautious of Olivia’s allergies, so the event was a pleasure to attend!  Michael’s chowder was SO tasty!  We started out in the backyard, but then the thunder & rain rolled in, so we all  moved inside.  It wasn’t long before the rain cleared up and a rainbow appeared.


That must be an omen for a happy marriage!

It was Lisa’s birthday yesterday, so they had a cake and some champagne toasts to both her and the happy couple.  Ian, Chris’ best friend, had everyone in stitches – I can’t wait to hear his “real” speech tonight if what he came up with last night were the out-takes!

IanUnfortunately, we had to cut the party short to get the flowergirls home for their beauty sleep!




One Response to “It’s a great day for a wedding!”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    It is a PERFECT day for a wedding, you’re right there! We are so excited…the girls are going to be great! 🙂 See you all soon!

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