Chris & Lisa’s Wedding

August 10, 2009

Saturday was a gorgeous day for a wedding! We lazed around the hotel room in the morning, swimming & hanging out.  D’Arcy & the boys then dropped the girls & me off at Lisa’s parents’ house at 11:00 so that all the girls could get ready together.  The girls were so anxious to be part of it all!  The boys, on the other hand, were anxious to get go-carting. Lisa was already getting her hair & make-up done when we arrived.  The girls watched for a bit and then we went upstairs so that they could eat before putting their dresses on.  Their cousin, Meghan, (sister-of-the-groom) was ready by that time, so she sat with them.

IMG_6448_4 (2)

The girls were really good, but Sarah mentioned a few times that she was “a little bit” nervous!  They were so funny because Olivia was acting like a ham the whole time and Sarah was extremely quiet.  It was hard to coax even a smile out of her, so I was really worried about what would happen at the church! When everybody was ready, we went outside into the backyard for some fun photos.



My favourite!

My favourite!

Before long, it was time to get to the church.  D’Arcy & the boys had arrived to pick us up and were full of stories of the fun they’d had go-carting!  They said that they can’t wait for the girls to be old enough to go!  The girls were excited (Olivia) & nervous (Sarah).  Lisa had given them little purses with jewelery in them at the rehearsal party, so I filled them with mints and put them up in the front pew of the church and told Meghan that if they started to get restless, they could dip into their purses.  We told the girls that we would be sitting at the front with Grandma & Grandpa and headed up to our seats. I don’t know who was more nervous, myself or Christopher.


As it turned out that I needn’t have worried – the girls came through and were perfect!  They smiled and held hands & generally exuded cuteness!



The girls sat with the “other flower-girls” (Sarah’s words) and were really good for the first part of Mass. About ten minutes into the Homily, I heard Olivia start to whimper & saw worried looks pass among the other girls’ faces. I was thinking to myself, “Wrap it up Father, we’re losing her…” Then I heard, “I need my Mama”. I gestured to the girls to send her over to me, and she came and sobbed on my shoulder for a minute or two.  I found out later that she had gobbled up all her mints immediately, and started to cry when she didn’t have any left.  (Sarah still had a purse-full the next morning!)  Sarah took her duties very seriously and did everything she was supposed to despite the fact she had not practiced at rehearsal!


Olivia sat with us throughout the Wedding Sacrament and Communion, then she decided to head back to where she was supposed to be.  She processed back out of the church with the Wedding Party, so was at least there for the important parts.



We headed to “The Dingle” for photos and it was a beautiful backdrop!  What a glorious  day!!

The bride and all her "flowergirls"

The bride and all her "flowergirls"

Christopher & his parents

Christopher & his parents

Our best attempt at a family photo...

Our best attempt at a family photo...

Meghan, Lisa, Chris, Kim & Michael

Meghan, Lisa, Chris, Kim & Michael
Some quiet time while wating for photos

Some quiet time while wating for photos

Some cuddle time with big brother Alex

Some cuddle time with big brother Alex

The wedding party

The wedding party

Amusing herself

Amusing herself

The kids (tired of posing by now, but happy to be allowed to climb among the waterfall & the trees!)

The kids (tired of posing by now, but happy to be allowed to climb among the waterfall & the trees!)

Chris & Lisa and the bridal party headed over to the tower & then to the waterfront for more photos, so we took the opportunity to go back to the hotel, park the van, relax for an hour & grab the cupcakes before heading to the reception.  Oh yes, and Olivia had a quick nap!



We got to the reception and were happy to discover that we were seated at the same table as Auntie Kay, Uncle Hug & the boys.  The meal was a buffet and Olivia had her very own special plate of grilled chicken breast & steamed vegetables.  Oh – and “kepetch”.


Crazy cousin Mike was sitting at the table next to us and kept us all entertained throughout the evening.


Rather than having people tinkle their glasses, there was a list of true or false questions made up that guests could answer.  If they got it right, the bridal couple kissed; wrong and you had to kiss someone at your table.  Our statement was “Christopher weighed 8lbs, 3oz. when he was born.” I didn’t know the answer, but our babies were around that size, so I figured it could be true.  D’Arcy told me he didn’t know either, so we guessed true.

Chris weighed 9lbs, 11 oz!!  Yikes!!

I’ll never know for sure if D’Arcy actually did know the answer, or just threw the question on purpose…


We had a lot of fun visiting and the speeches were the right mix of funny & touching.

Do we look like we were having fun?






Mike & Grandpa

Mike & Grandpa



The dance was scheduled to start at 9 p.m. sharp and the kids were psyched.  In the morning, when I had asked Olivia what we were going to do at the wedding, she threw her arms in the air and yelled, “DANCE”!  Unfortunately, at about 8:45, she fell asleep in my arms.

Lisa’s grandmother had made a quilt as a gift for Chris & Lisa and it had been presented to them during the speeches.  We wrapped Olivia in that special quilt and put her down underneath the head table so that no one would step on her.  I like to think that having a baby wrapped in it on their wedding night might bring them some good baby luck…


The rest of us were on the dance floor as soon as the music started.



Unfortunately, Sarah danced with such vigor, she wore herself out after just two songs and fell asleep in my lap.  Being a flower-girl wears a girl out!!


Rather than leaving, we put her under the table with her sister, wrapped up in Chris’ tux jacket.


The boys were tired too, but insisted that they wanted to stay until they could make a conga line.  I wish I had a photo of that, but we were all involved & having too much fun!

Lisa & Kathryn

Lisa & Kathryn

We had arranged for our niece, Kathryn, to come and stay at the hotel with us and babysit so that we could stay at the wedding.  We took all the kids upstairs to our hotel around 11:00 and when we got back to the dance an hour or so later, this is what we found:

"I knew the bride when she used to Rock & Roll..."

"I knew the bride when she used to Rock & Roll..."

This is Lisa, joining in with Kim’s band.  Yes, the mother-of-the-groom’s band played at the dance and they were AWESOME!!

We left after one when the music stopped, but the dance floor was still full.

What a fun wedding!  What a fun couple!!  We hope that they might always be surrounded by that much laughter & love!!


2 Responses to “Chris & Lisa’s Wedding”

  1. LeeAnne Says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I LOVE how you just let the girls sleep under the table while you guys went on dancing! Such fun! Congratulations to the new married couple – I hope they have a lifetime of fun and happiness! 🙂

  2. […] Our loved nephew Chris & his wife Lisa had their first baby – a girl on March 1st.  Her name is Samantha Grace and she is beautiful!  Chris, Lisa & Samantha live in Calgary so we haven’t had the chance to meet her before this past weekend.  It’s much too far and we have told them that many times! […]

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