Olivia’s dairy challenge

August 11, 2009

Olivia had a dairy challenge this afternoon.  I was afraid to be optimistic because she failed her last challenge miserably despite having a negative skin-prick and patch test.  This morning, however, I had a really positive feeling and even started to think about some of the things dairy would open up for us her:




Ice Cream (Soy, egg & nut-free, of course!)

Macaroni & Cheese

Cream Cheese

Whipped Cream

Apple Crisp

Smarties & some chocolate bars

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture…

We went to her allergist’s office and after going over how she’s been since we saw him in April, he told me he felt really confident about her chance of passing a dairy challenge.  Many children with a non type-1 allergy to dairy will outgrow by the age of one.  Most will outgrow by the age of three, and virtually 99.9% will outgrow by the age of five.  (Alex was close to five!)

The allergist & his nurse checked her skin over and took notes of all her existing spots & eczema patches.  (Her skin still hasn’t recovered from when we tried cinnamon last month!)  She then was given 5 cc’s of chocolate milk from a syringe and we were allowed to go back out into the waiting room to play.  We sat beside a boy named Matthew who was only a few days younger than Evan and was challenging shrimp – which he did not like!  He was very personable and great with Olivia.  He was really interested in all her allergies and the fact that she takes two epi-pens with her everywhere.  He also realized that when she got called in for each of her next doses, he got called in right after her…

Fifteen minutes after the first dose, she got a second syringe with 10 cc’s in it this time.  The first one, she held in her mouth for about a minute before swallowing until the nurse convinced her it was okay.  The second took less convincing!

After another fifteen minutes, she was given 15 cc’s.  Before each dose, her whole body was checked for new hives and any difference in her appearance.

Fifteen minutes later, she had one hive under her chin, but was otherwise fine, so she was given a medicine cup with 30 cc’s…

She threw her head back and drank it as if it was a shooter, then licked the inside of the cup and her lips!  The nurse was getting a kick out of her and I have to admit, I was too!  There was no doubt she was enjoying it!!

Her last dose was 60 cc’s which amounted to about a half-a-cup in total throughout the afternoon.  Then we had to wait for an hour to make sure nothing happened.

Matthew was waiting too, so at least we had company!  He was declared a pass and I was sure we would be too.  She didn’t complain of any stomach pains & her skin, other than that one hive, looked the same as it did when we came in.  In the past, when she had contact with milk protein we knew it pretty much immediately!

We sat down to talk with the allergist and he told me that we can give her some yogurt & hard cheese tomorrow, only a total of two toddler servings.  Since she’s never had dairy her body may be lactose intolerant for a couple of weeks because it won’t recognize the lactose.  He says that’s normal, but should go away within a couple of weeks, and if we’re lucky it won’t happen at all!

He also did a skin prick test for all tree nuts, egg & soy, since we were there.  Only soy, pecan & pine nuts were negative, with walnuts & almonds being the largest (other than egg which is still extremely high) followed by cashews, then the rest.

However, that doesn’t change our lives in any way, since we already avoided all tree-nuts to start with.

I can’t wait to give her the yogurt & cheese tomorrow and hope that she’ll love those as much as the chocolate milk.  Alex’s birthday is a week from today and I’m already dreaming of frosting his cake with butter icing rather than palm oil!!

Wish us luck that tonight goes well, and that this is a true pass.  I really feel, deep down, that it is!

Woo hoo!!!


One Response to “Olivia’s dairy challenge”

  1. Destiny Says:

    ROCK ON OLIVIA!!! What wonderful news. 😀 I am also so happy she enjoyed her challenge, unlike Matthew. GREAT BIG HUGS!

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