PEI Vacation 2009

August 25, 2009

We had such a FANTASTIC time, I don’t even know where to begin describing it.

I didn’t know what to expect when I “won” an RV Rental in the TIANS Silent Auction in December. We’ve always talked about how we thought it would be fun to travel with the kids that way, so this gave us a chance to try it out at a discount to see if enjoying it would be fantasy or reality. We booked my parents to come and take over the B&B and started planning our vacation in PEI.  (THANK YOU!!)  We booked into a Campground called “Twin Shores” in Darnley, PEI and it has spoiled us for all other camping!! Movies, kids activities, a playground, a store, Karaoke, Shuffleboard, Bocce Ball, a Baseball Diamond, and a Private Beach are just SOME of what they had to offer. Four nights was just not enough!

D’Arcy & the kids picked up the RV outside of Halifax on Monday morning and brought it home to pack. Not knowing what we would need, it took us awhile to get everything together. D’Arcy looked at me funny when we got everything in and I asked him how we were going to take five bikes (two with baby seats) & a tricycleplus the double stroller. Being the resourceful man he is, he found a way! We left for the Island shortly after one and took the Confederation Bridge to get there. We stopped in Summerside, near where we had rented a cottage last year, for groceries, and got to the Campground around suppertime.

We immediately set off exploring our new home. I’ve put our photos into slide-shows, chronologically for each day, with captions. If you click on them, they should start automatically.

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Day Two, our first full day, was Alex’s 9th Birthday. Nobody slept very long and Alex was anxious to open the gifts & cards we had brought along for him. We had breakfast of waffles with strawberry butter & bacon (Alex’s request) then cleaned up and headed for Mill River Fun Park, on the West Coast of PEI. (Also Alex’s request!) We discovered this fun park through our friends who are PEI natives, when Sarah was a baby, and have gone every year since. It is reasonably priced ($9/person over the age of six) and has water slides for every age/level of comfort. We spent the day there. It was so convenient to be able to go to the RV at mid-afternoon and have a snack (cheese & crackers & jalapeño jelly, olives, yogurt & drinks), clean up and go back to the park! Alex took the time to call my parents then too because he was “officially” nine!

We stopped for lobster on the way back to the campground and fed the kids nachos (Alex’s request) as the lobsters cooked. We all went off to Karaoke then came back and had a bonfire. The evening was topped off with sparklers & a waterslide cake that Evan made for Alex with minimal help from his mother… All in all, it was declared to be and “AWESOME” day!!

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On Day 3, when we woke up, D’Arcy told me, “You have to bid on this RV Rental if it’s at the Silent Auction again this year!”  We had made a decision to stay at the campground and not go touring around the Island.  We went running, flew Alex’s kite, rode bikes, spent time at the beach, played bocce ball, had a bonfire, etc.  It was so nice not to be on a schedule!

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Day Four was more of the same.  We built sand castles & hung out together.  We ran into a number of people we knew, including our former neighbours!!  As it turned out, one of our favourite guests from the B&B had been at their campsite visiting just the night before.  I wish we’d known!!

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Our last day found us getting up and pulling everything together to check out of the campground by eleven.  I think we pulled out at about 11:05 (story of our lives!)  We went into Cavendish and played Mini-Golf and toured the "Ripley's Believe it or Not" Museum.  It was great.  We went to "lunch" at Boston Pizza in Charlottetown. At some point, I asked D'Arcy what time it was and he told me it was 3:50.  We realized that there was no way we could make the 4:30 Ferry, so we changed our plans and took our time.  We caught the 6:30 Ferry and tried to find a campground in the Pictou area, but they were all full.  (Our original plan was to spend the night on my farm in Tatamagouche, but taking the 6:30 Ferry meant we wouldn't get there until after nine and if things didn't work out, we'd have quite a drive to find another park.  We finally decided to camp at a campground within a half hour of home so that we could unload everything in the morning and get the RV back to Halifax by 11:30.

Once we made that decision, everything was great.  Sarah wasn’t happy on the Ferry (she doesn’t like the noise!) although she insisted we take it, rather than the Bridge!  Once we bought them all drinks, they were happy.  When we got to the campground and parked & hooked up, we were able to set the girls up with a movie while we played a game.  We had a blast, although I’m sure we were all very aware that this was our last night of freedom for quite awhile!

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While Olivia conked out, Sarah managed to stay awake, watching her movie until midnight.  We got the RV unloaded and back on time.  Well, we were five minutes late, but there were other people in front of us!   “Their Last Breakfast”:


It was an amazing vacation, one that our boys say is second only to Disney World.  That’s got to be saying something…  We made many great family memories last week and I’ll be sad to have school start again next week.

From the words of one of the songs in “Anne of Green Gables – the Musical”:  “Why can’t it always be summer?”


3 Responses to “PEI Vacation 2009”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    Wowee! I didn’t stop smiling (or chuckling) the whole way through the post and pictures. Looks like you had one AMAZING vacation! Great photos! Hope to see you all soon…

  2. Devon Says:

    My name is Devon and I work on behalf of Tourism PEI. I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation on the Island. I hope you would consider sharing some of your photos and stories with other travellers on the website We’d love your input!

  3. seenonflickr Says:

    This sounds just beautiful! What a great vacation!

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