True Confessions

August 26, 2009

D’Arcy took Alex & Olivia to Evan’s baseball game in the park tonight.  When they got home, Alex asked D’Arcy if the granola bar he had was safe for Olivia?  Turns out he’d already given her some in the van!!  (Apparently they WERE safe – phew!)

Also, Sarah confessed tonight.  Almost a full year ago, “Olivia” set off two of her epipens!  Click here for the story. Tonight, Sarah confessed to her father that she was the one who set them off and said that Olivia did it so she wouldn’t get into trouble.  It’s lucky for her that we have a “tell the truth and you don’t get into as much trouble” rule here!  (That, and the fact she was still three at the time…)

I guess that does go to show that the truth does always come out eventually!!

I confess that I just never know what each day will bring!!


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