What were we thinking?!

September 6, 2009

Evan turned 11 yesterday and we gave him a drum set.

We have four children and live in a bed & breakfast.

Need I say more?

Actually, he (and we) all had a really loud great day.

The usual birthday tradition around here is that when you come down to breakfast in the morning, your gifts are waiting for you on the table at your place, but we had stashed the drum set in the guest living room and told him he could only go into certain rooms until the guests left.  We had planned to send him on a scavenger hunt to find them, but Olivia went upstairs and told him, “Evan – your drums – SURPRISE!!”  Then Alex, who was bursting to tell him, confirmed that yes, we had gotten him a drum set!  So we gave it to him without the planned fanfare.


Did I mention I have four children, a husband, and live in a B&B?


Oh yes, and my father is around a lot as well…


Luckily, the birthday boy was willing to share, and I did note that he definitely had the steadiest beat!!

When asked what he would like to do for his birthday, earlier in the month, he had two suggestions:  a sleepover with his friend Alexander, and go-karting.  We picked Alexander up shortly after lunch and headed to Halifax.  As it turned out, it was the same price for six people as it was for five, so Evan suggested that we invite his cousin Mike.  It turned out he was keen, so they met us there.

We hadn’t thought to book ahead, so when we arrived, there were no less than 50 frat boys swarming around the place.  We reserved a spot for an hour’s time and headed to East Side Mario’s for some nachos & a drink.

Cousin Mike will get his pay-back when Phinn gets a little older…


By the time we got back to the go-kart place it was just us and two other teenagers in the group.  What a blast we had!!  Mike won and lets just say, I won’t be letting Evan drive with his friend Alexander when they turn 16 – he must have crashed ten times!!  (Thanks Emily, for waiting patiently and playing photographer – next time you & I are going head-to-head!!)


On your mark... get set...

On your mark... get set...

The birthday boy

The birthday boy

We said goodbye to Mike, Em & Phinn, and headed back home to join the girls and my parents at our place for pizza & cake.  We had arranged to have it delivered at 6:00.  Evan was born at 6:11 p.m., so we got this photo as he “officially” became an 11 year old!


When I have the energy, I try to make each of the kids a birthday cake that somewhat matches the theme of their birthday.  I really wasn’t sure how to go about making a go-kart, so I set to work making a drum set instead.  I told D’Arcy what I had in mind and he built & painted the stand for it.

Evan was surprised, to say the least – and it tasted great!!  (It was an egg-free vanilla cake made with butter and yogurt, had lemon filling between the layers and cream cheese frosting!)



After supper, the girls went to my parents’ for a sleepover, the boys played the wii while we cleaned up, then we played Canada-opoly.

And laughed.


We packed it in about 10:30 and sent the boys up to bed while we set the table and got ready for 6:30 breakfast for the guests.

The boys had decided that they were going to try to stay awake at least until midnight.  When I went to bed, they were giggling quietly wile talking about school, sports & girls.  D’Arcy came up shortly after me, and reported that as he listened from the bottom of the stairs, he could hear Alexander saying, “Evan, are you fading on me?”

They reported this morning that Evan fell asleep at midnight and Alexander at 12:01!

I’d say it was a very Happy Birthday!!


One Response to “What were we thinking?!”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    What a cool cake!!! Looks like a fun day, glad we got to share in some of the celebration 🙂

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