September 8, 2009

Each Labour Day, D’Arcy’s brother Stephen & his wife Kathy, host the whole family for an end-of-the-summer barbeque.  Unless there is a special occasion, the family generally all make an effort to get together for this party and on Christmas Eve.  We didn’t have any guests booked for Sunday night, so D’Arcy said that he thought wanted to go.  Never one to turn down a social event, I was happy to go!

He worked on the basement door all day (the sill was rotten, so he’s replaced the whole thing, rebuilt the door, poured new concrete for the stairs, etc…) while I hung out with the kids and waited.  The barbeque started at 4:30 and we left town (an hour away) at 5:15.  Needless to say, we were a bit late.   So late, that D’Arcy’s mom was calling us on the cell phone as we pulled up!

Everyone was there and having a great time and Stephen was still a fixture at one of the two barbeques so there was lots of food.   D’Arcy’s sister Seana bought & moved into her condo well over a year ago and we hadn’t had a housewarming for her yet.  She still has a few things on her wish list, so we all took up a collection so that she can buy herself something fun and called it a housewarming!  I’m pretty sure she was surprised and pleased!


D’Arcy’s father has been asking us every time we see him whether or not we’ve bought tiaras for his princesses?  As soon as the presentation to Seana was over, he called the girls over to present each princess with their new tiara!



Stephen had some burgers that were so thick, we were told he’d been barbecuing them for close to an hour to make sure they were cooked.  Alex decided that rather than have a hot dog, he would wait for one of Uncle Stephen’s burgers.  And he waited…

And waited…

And waited…

Much to the rest of the family’s surprise, he ate every bite!


And then had a full plate of dessert!!  Growing boy…

Olivia was also thrilled to have some leftover birthday cake that we had brought with us, and Aunt Kathy had safe ice cream for her!  Oh, how being able to have milk makes life so much easier!!


Phinn thought her ice cream looked pretty good so she shared some with him!!  I see these two getting into some serious trouble toghether when they get older!!


After supper was over, the “kids” all got together in the street for a game of basketball.  Boy-oh- boy is it fun to have older cousins!!




Olivia even got up close and personal with a dog for the first time under Uncle Stephen’s guidance!  Later, she even got brave enough to feed him a piece of cheese!


Phinn had fallen asleep by the time it got dark, so Sarah & Olivia had Emily’s undivided attention to play ball and star-gaze.



We called my father, who had been house-sitting, to find out that the phones had been quiet all night.  We went back inside with the rest of the family for awhile then took our time gathering a few last cuddles before getting ready to go home.


The next family gathering is at our place for Thanksgiving when D’Arcy’s sister Kathleen is home from Ottawa with her husband & four children.

I think I had better start cooking now!!


One Response to “End-of-summer-barbeque”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    I can always count on your for great pictures. Be warned, they might show up on our blog! We had a GREAT time with the kids (and you two, of course)…it’s always awesome to see you! 🙂

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