Never a dull moment…

September 22, 2009

Sarah’s been giving us some belly laughs lately.  She’s just so funny!!

While we were getting out her winter clothes (because it’s fall in Eastern Canada!) she spent half-an-hour looking for her “lucky panties”.  Why my four-year-old daughter has lucky panties, I do not want to know!


Then, on Sunday morning, she was playing on the computer and Olivia was in the kitchen with us, getting something to eat.  Sarah called out, “Olivia!  Come here quickly!”

Olivia replied, “Just a minute!”  (Think she’s heard that much?!)

Sarah responded, “OLIVIA!!  I NEED you!!  I just can’t stop dancing!!”

To which her sister left her breakfast and ran in to join her immediately!


Yesterday, when the boys arrived home from school, Sarah informed Alex, “I am the heart manager!

He gave her a blank stare.  (These two love & hate each other with equal passion.)

“Alex, I told you that I am the Heart Manager!  That means that  I am responsible for the distribution of Valentines this year!”

(Can’t we get through Hallowe’en & Christmas first?!)


My mother told the story of playing Old Maid with Sarah & Olivia today.

Olivia said, “Sarah, do you have a gardener?”

Sarah responded negatively, so Olivia exclaimed, “Then GO FISH!”


Evan gave me the biggest laugh this week though.  He was doing his homework at the kitchen table yesterday after school when I had a call from a fellow B&B operator.  She asked me if I could meet her on Monday afternoon, to which I replied, “Oh no!  I wish I could, but I have an ultrasound scheduled in Halifax on Monday afternoon.

Evan looked up at me with his mouth wide open and gasped – “WHAT??”

Head shaking, shoulders raising…

“You’re not…”

More head shaking…



As you can see, life is never dull around here these days!

** Just realized I should probably clarify that I am NOT expecting a sibling – the u/s is just a routine test!


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