She’s got a style all her own!

September 24, 2009

I’ve been battling an ear infection for the past couple days and am waiting for the antibiotics to kick in, so it’s been hard to get motivated to blog.

Our kids get themselves dressed each morning.  (Olivia needs help with buttons & zippers, but does pretty well on her own otherwise.)  Sarah, we’ve discovered, has a style all of her own.  We don’t discourage it; we like to pick our battles and mismatched clothes isn’t one we choose to fight!  As long as she’s warm enough we live with her outfits.

Here are three of my most recent favorites (caught on film):

Pretty tame...

Pretty tame...

I can see why she feels beautiful!

I can see why she feels beautiful!

My favorite!!

My favorite!!

May she always embrace her individuality!!


2 Responses to “She’s got a style all her own!”

  1. Susan Says:

    We see a lot of grown-ups walking around Portland with clothes like Sarah’s (especially in the area near our neighborhood). I think she looks great!

  2. LeeAnne Says:

    Oh, she and Maggie could be fashion designers!! M’s outfits look very similar. My favorite is the middle picture. She looks great!!

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