A night off – time to check in

October 5, 2009

I think we’re going to have a night off tonight.

We’re at that point in the season where we’re all really tired.  Tired of getting up early to make breakfast. Tired of cleaning toilets, doing laundry, making beds, doing dishes, ironing and dusting.  Tired of being on-call.  Tired of being on our best behavior.  (This applies to the kids more than to D’Arcy & me…)

Tonight we don’t have anyone booked, the phone has not rung and we’re almost ready to breathe a sigh of relief – maybe in another hour.

We’ve been really busy with business & life the past few weeks, but by the time the kids are asleep, I’m usually not too far behind and don’t get a chance to record our adventures.

We took Evan, Alex & Sarah to see DRUM! in Halifax on Saturday afternoon.  Our drummer, performer & highland dancer were mesmerized!  I have to admit that their parents were too!  It was worth every penny.  After it was over, Alex asked if we could all go to the Henry House (formerly the Granite Brewery) for supper, which is where D’Arcy & I first met.  We happily obliged and had a wonderful meal together.  My parents had kept Olivia and put her to bed at home, making it so easy for us to get out for a night.

Evan is having a hard time adjusting to school this year and does not like his classroom.  He has told us that he’s not sure whether it’s the bus or his classroom that’s more “chaotic”.  I have started volunteering in his class and had my first morning with them on Thursday.  It was disheartening to me to walk in and see him shrunken into himself during the class discussion.  Literally; he does not seem to want to share space with the person on either side of him.  He is upset everyday and has started to get canker sores which I assume is from stress.  Today was especially hard for him to go to school since it was raining and he knew he would have indoor recess & lunch.  Thankfully, his friends, band, intra murals, and the thought of curling and basketball starting up again seem to keep him going.

Luckily, Alex seems to be enjoying his classroom.  His teacher (substitute – not sure when his assigned teacher will be back…) is the wife of Sandy’s first cousin and they seem to have developed quite a rapport.  He’s loving the choirs he’s involved in and being off the eye drop seems to be making a huge difference in his personality too.

Sarah is coming into her own.  We still call her snuffleupagus since so many guests hear about her but so very few actually catch sight of her.  She loves preschool, library, ballet & highland dancing.  We don’t regret in the least that we kept her out of school this year.  She is thriving.

Olivia continues to be the whirlwind that keeps us all on her toes.  She climbs everything and feels she should be allowed to do anything her siblings do.  Good heavens, I can’t even imagine what she’ll be like as a teenager!!  I assume my parents will tell me it’s all “payback”!

In addition to life this week, we are busy trying to plan for Thanksgiving here with all of D’Arcy’s family.  At the moment, we’re expecting close to 40 for dinner on Sunday.  We have told everyone that it’s far less stressful for us to look after all the food and honestly, with Olivia’s allergies, it is.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I think we have most things under control; in the meantime, please forgive me if I’m not blogging much this week!


One Response to “A night off – time to check in”

  1. RogerWilliam Says:

    I don’t know what causes Evan’s canker sores but I do know what causes mine. I started having them when I was 18 and at age 60 I still have them although less frequent and less severe.

    What causes my canker sores is small injuries to the gums or tongue, particularly injuries caused by eating crunchy, salty food. The salt sometimes makes a very small injury. A canker sore forms as my immune system overreacts to the injury. There is inflammation in the canker sores and if I have a bad sore or sores, my entire body reacts and I am badly fatigued.

    Prevention involves avoiding crunchy, salty foods and keeping my mouth moist if I do eat any crunchy or salty food.

    Treatment of canker sores is by using Kenalog in Orabase, http://www.medicinenet.com/triamcinolone-dental/article.htm . Have your doctor write the prescription for generic as it is much cheaper and just as effective.

    If I apply the Kenalog within a few hours after the canker sore starts, it will heal in 12 to 24 hours. Apply the gel about three times per day until healed.

    If I wait 8 or more hours to apply Kenalog, my immune system cranks up and it often takes days for the sore to heal while making 2 or 3 applications of the Kenalog daily.

    As I have aged, canker sores have become less of a problem. My doctor said my “immune system has adapted and does not get as excited about the tiny injuries as it did in its youth.” Still, I occasionally have them and keep Kenalog handy for quick treatment.

    Best of luck.

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