One of those days…

October 8, 2009

Today was one of those days that everything had to go smoothly so it could all fall into place.

6:30 a.m.  Drag myself out of bed (D’Arcy was already up making muffins) and make lunches for the boys and get fruit salad, etc. ready for the guests.

7:00   Kiss boys good-bye and head upstairs for a shower.

7:30  Feed first guest breakfast.  Ginna & Beanah arrive to help out.

7:45  Leave for the hospital for mammogram and ultrasound appointments.  (This was my first mammogram and it wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I had anticipated.  After having four children, I really don’t have much modesty left anyway, so I chatted with the technician as she got me situated in the machine.  The up & down slides I would liken to getting your blood pressure taken – not fun, but not painful.  When those were over, I casually commented, “Well that wasn’t as bad as people would make you believe.”  She informed me that some people really mind it and find it very painful.  Then we moved to the side-to-side view and I got payback for my comment.  Let’s just say that I was able to utilize the breathing I had learned in pre-natal classes for the first time.  Whoa!  Luckily, it doesn’t last that long!  I was then ushered across the hall for my ultrasound, told that the radiologist would be in touch with my doctor and sent on my way.)

8:30  Arrive home in time to serve the last breakfast, chat with guests and check out.

9:45 Take Olivia to the dentist for a cleaning.

10:30  Drop Olivia off at the Library with my mother & Sarah.

10:40 Arrive at the school to volunteer in Evan’s Class.

12:00 Find Alex in the cafeteria and tell him not to take the bus home; I’ll come get him and go to the book fair.

12:10 Go to the bank & the grocery store.

12:30 Arrive home so that my mother can leave.  Start to chop, cook and assemble the stuffing to take to Riverbreeze for the Thanksgiving Turporken.

1:45 Load girls & stuffing into the van, head to the school to meet Alex; chat in the foyer with other parents while the buses dismiss.

2:05 Drop Evan’s drum sticks & music for band to him at intramurals.

2:10 Run to Alex’s classroom to pick him up.  Discuss volunteering in Alex’s class with his teacher.

2:20 Book Fair in small room with three kids in tow.  Tell them I only pay for books, not erasers, posters, headphones, novelties, etc.

2:30  Find Mira in front foyer and offer to drive her home after calling her parents first.

2:40 Drop Alex off at his grandparents’ for “alone time”.

2:45 Drop Mira off at home.

2:55 Drop stuffing off at Riverbreeze.

3:10 Stop at home to pick up a form to take to the dentist.

3:15 Take Sarah to the dentist.

4:00 Arrive home.  De-brief with my father who has been house-sitting.

4:30 D’Arcy & Evan arrive home.


That’s when my outside responsibilities officially ended; D’Arcy & Alex still had to go to Cubs.  Tomorrow is an in-service for the boys, so they are up late reading.  I’ve already warned them that I’m going to ask them to help me out tomorrow to get ready for Thanksgiving.  I have some fun things up my sleeve for them…

I look forward to the fact that I only have to go out tomorrow to take Sarah to preschool.  Anything else is optional!


3 Responses to “One of those days…”

  1. Susan Swansburg Says:

    Mammograms aren’t much fun. I’ve been getting them yearly since I was 35 (and I’m 53 now!).

    What is “turporken?”

    • Hey Susan! Turporken is a turkey which has been de-boned and stuffed with a pork roast which has been stuffed with a chicken! It is filled in with stuffing which I made with bread, celery, onion, bacon & apple. It actually looks like a turkey from the outside, but there is no waste. I’ll make sure to take a photo!! Wish you were here again this year!

  2. LeeAnne Says:

    Oh my gosh, Annie! How do you do it? I can guess what turporken is, and when you’re a vegetarian, it sounds terrible! 🙂 I forget that you guys celebrate Thanksgiving a little earlier than we do!

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