Sarah & the Rosebuds

October 24, 2009

My friend Theresa & I have been through a lot together.  We went to piano camp together when we were in elementary school and seven years later ended up living on the same floor in residence at university and reconnected.  She would borrow my ID, and we became great friends.  We ended up sharing our first apartment together, she & her husband Jeff are Alex’s godparents, and in 2004 we were pregnant at the same time and delivered six days apart.

I had Sarah and she had triplets – Aidan, Brendan (Our godson!) and Tyler.   I was visiting with Theresa in the hospital the day they were born and she didn’t look very good.  I had told D’Arcy that night that I was worried about her and first thing the next morning, she called me and told me she was a Mom!  When my water broke with Sarah, I popped into the NICU at the hospital to tell Theresa I was there and it was time.  She heard the call over the intercom when the peds team were called into my delivery room and she & Jeff came to see me just after Sarah was born, but had been whisked away to the NICU.  I introduced them to my nurse as “the triplets’ parents.”  (Local celebrities!)  The nurse joked that they had caught up to us, to which I replied that no, we had just caught up to them!  (I didn’t get to see Sarah until over four hours after she was born.  I’ve never asked, but perhaps Theresa & Jeff saw her in the NICU before I did!)  We do like to joke about the fact Sarah & the boys were hanging out together from Day 1!  That evening, Theresa & Jeff came up to my room and had a beer (the boys had a beer or two…  Guinness for me of course; good to bring in the milk…) to celebrate the kids’ births!  In fact, I believe there is video footage somewhere of the beer in the sitz bath with ice!

We’ve tried to celebrate their birthdays together each year since.  We missed their second birthday because I was in Halifax, waiting to deliver Olivia.  We were supposed to head to their house today for pizza & cake, but Theresa reluctantly cancelled yesterday because they have a bug in their house.  Hopefully we will be able to find a time to reschedule before too long!

In the meantime, a few photos from the past five years…

2004 07 17

AT Theresa's Baby Shower, July 2004. She's four months pregnant; I'm six months pregnant.


At the IWK, October 6th, 2004. Her babies were born two weeks later; Sarah was born three weeks later.


January, 2005. Their first time together outside the IWK NICU. They had spent the day Sarah was born together there..


Seven months old

Feeding time, the night before the boys' christening

Feeding time, the night before the boys' christening


Ten months old


First birthday party!


Christmas, Age Two. We missed celebrating the birthdays together because I was having Olivia. Sarah cried the entire duration of this visit.

Sarah, Third Birthday Party

Sarah, Third Birthday Party

Aidan, Brendan & Tyler, Third Birthday.  (For some reason - perhaps because things were chaotic -  we don't have a photo of the four of them together at this party.)

Aidan, Brendan & Tyler, Third Birthday. (For some reason - perhaps because things were chaotic - we don't have a photo of the four of them together at this party.)


Christmas, Age Three


A phone call from Santa, Age Three


Birthday Party, Age Four


Summer 2009 - Almost Five!


One Response to “Sarah & the Rosebuds”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    Oh my goodness, how great are those photos?! Thanks for sharing! Theresa must reallllly have her hands full! 🙂

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