The Cake & Other Birthday Photos

October 28, 2009

I tucked one very happy five year old girl into bed tonight.   By all accounts, it was a great day. Before heading upstairs to bed tonight, Evan said, “birthdays are so much fun around here!” My cake turned out fantastic. It had some seams showing that I was disappointed with, but it contained five frogs with pink spots, two holding umbrellas, one with glasses and the purple rain was falling! It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be; I’m just not sure how I’ll top it in the future…


Sarah's special frog; her father made the glasses out of copper wire.


The day was great from the start.  Sarah got her pink ipod, which she’s been asking for since last Christmas.  I thought at that time that it was just a passing whim but she’s still been asking for it one.  We bought her one and loaded it up with the soundtracks from all three High School Musical Movies, among other things…  (Third children grow up much faster than the first two!!  Olivia is now saying that she wants a yellow ipod when she turns five!!)


She went to preschool this morning then this afternoon we got a fruit & veggie tray ready for her party, making dips to go with them.  We also spent time at the kitchen table, stringing  fruity cheerios on string to make necklaces with tags that read, “Thank you for coming to my party.  We will deliver your artwork to you when it’s ready.  Love, Sarah”  She gave each child one after she opened their gift.

She has been planning this party at the Clay Cafe for almost a year now;  I didn’t have to plan much of anything.  (She has a bit of her mother in her…)  Alex had his music lessons after school, so my mom came and took him and all our goodies to that while Evan, Sarah, Olivia & I walked to Sarah’s party because D’Arcy was driving the carpool.  Before we all left in different directions, we let Sarah have a look at her cake for the first time.  The look on her face made being up after midnight creating it worth every moment!


I’m glad we showed it to her ahead of time.  Normally, I hide the cakes from the kids until the big reveal, but my mother pointed out that then they don’t get time to enjoy them.  We kept this one on display during the party.

It was a very low-stress party.  D’Arcy arrived from school shortly after it started.  The kids all behaved beautifully and sat in their seats and enjoyed their painting.  Nothing got broken and there were no big meltdowns.  We had safe pizza delivered at five and the kids ate the pizza & the fruit & veggies.  After the cake, Sarah opened gifts and it was time to go home.  She had friends from preschool & dance there as well as her siblings and they all seemed to have fun together.  She was especially happy that her fairly-odd god parents were both there.  (Martha & Chloe for the whole party, but Stephane & Gabriel stopped in for a hug!)


Playing in the leaves in our yard while waiting to go to the Clay Cafe.





I just loved the look on Olivia's face in this one!


A kiss for the birthday girl!

Sarah 5th birthday8

Sarah 5th birthday9


A hug for Stephane!




Sarah 5th birthday13

Martha & Chloe - Two generations of best friends.

Next, we have Hallowe’en on Saturday and Olivia’s birthday on Sunday.

I think I need a nap!




One Response to “The Cake & Other Birthday Photos”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!! What a great party planner she is, looks like it was a very fun day! Good work on the cake, it’s amazing!! Give her a birthday hug from all of us! xo

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