The Olympic Torch

November 17, 2009

The Olympic Torch celebration was in Truro tonight, and Alex’s choir was singing, so we headed over to Victoria Park.

I remember back in 1988 when the Olympics were in Calgary, I had two friends who were lucky enough to be chosen to run with the torch – Sandy & Suzy. In my memory, there was a big event for the torchbearers that we attended on the grounds of the then Teacher’s College and Sandy won a 13″ tv. They’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong…

Tonight’s Olympic Flame celebration was NOTHING like the one 21 years ago! This was held in Victoria Park, where they had set up a huge soundstage. There were drummers, dancers, athletes, singers, choirs, guest speakers, you name it!

Unfortunately, Sarah has an ear infection, so we decided to leave her at home with her grandfather who doesn’t like to get chilled. Since we were leaving Sarah, we left Olivia too and it was just as well. They wouldn’t have seen much in the stroller, but it would have been too long & too cold for them to be on their feet. They were happy enough to stay home and play “I Spy”!

I couldn’t believe all the tents that were set up when we first got to the park – the event was much bigger than I had anticipated. We got Alex checked in backstage with his choir and found my mother waiting for us there. Earlier today, I had been joking about the itinerary that stated the kids would sing at 7:00, then the torch would enter the park at 7:08 and the kids would sing again at 7:26, but they really did have it timed pretty much that precisely. There is no question that this was an extremely well thought out and well planned event!

The kids sang “O Canada”, which again brought me to tears… How lucky are we to live in Canada?! Gary & Fernando, our guests from Houston (Fernando is actually from Mexico City, but works in Houston) came and joined us, and we ran into Martha, Stephane & Chloe. (Gabriel is in the choir with Alex.)

It was a really fun, really exciting night, capped off with fireworks! The boys, Evan especially, are getting excited for the Olympics and Evan hopes to go himself one day as a curler. I hope to go watch him someday…

Ginna with her future Olympian(s) She was taking her B.Ed and was in class during the Torch celebration in 1988

Evan was facinated by these drummers

This athlete was amazing - the things she could do with a hula hoop!!

Some of the crowd, waiting for the Torch to arrive

Martha, Stephane & Chloe

With Fernando & Gary, our guests from Houston.

Fireworks in the baseball field


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