Lovin’ Nova Scotia

December 1, 2009

D’Arcy & I have been in Halifax for the past three days, immersed in all things Tourism during the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia’s Conference, “The Evolution of Tourism”.

The following video was made from clips sent in by various tourists who have visited Nova Scotia and then entered an “I love Nova Scotia” contest to win a $15,000 Nova Scotian vacation. It’s been shown a couple of times over the past two days and it makes me chuckle each time I watch it.

Is it any wonder we love what we do?!

Off to the Crystal Tourism Awards of Excellence and Gala Dinner tonight. (Shhh – someone I nominated for an award won!!)

Back to regular life and blogging tomorrow…

2 Responses to “Lovin’ Nova Scotia”

  1. Susan Says:

    I like it! makes me want to come visit again!

  2. LeeAnne Says:

    Wow! The scenery in that was beautiful, and the people look like a lot of fun. To use a quote from one of my favorite TV shows, “I want to go to there.” 🙂

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