Tourism Awards of Excellence

December 2, 2009

Last night, D’Arcy & I capped off an amazing few days at the Tourism Summit by attending the Crystal Awards of Excellence & Gala Dinner.  It was wonderful!  It’s so much fun to watch the various tourism operators or workers be recognized.  The food was delicious as usual, and the Celtic Tenors provided the entertainment.  They were fantastic!  I am so proud to be part of that organization!

There were nine major awards given out and three Pineapple awards which are given to people who go above & beyond.  I especially loved the story of Seamus Ryan, who won a Pineapple Award for going above & beyond in his job. He was nominated by his employer, Scanway Catering, after he saved the day at a wedding reception.  The bride & groom (being married at a remote location in Cape Breton, far away from Scanway’s operation in Halifax) had decided on make-your-own strawberry shortcake rather than a traditional wedding cake, but when the catering staff opened the bucket of what they thought were the strawberries, they found strawberry preserves instead.  Seamus set off to buy strawberries, but all the stores were sold out!  Finally, he came upon a u-pick and started offering money to people to buy their strawberries.  When he realized he still didn’t have enough, he rolled up his sleeves and started picking berries himself!  He made it back to the wedding with less than an hour to spare and the bride & groom were none the wiser!  Seamus summed it all up when he said in his acceptance speech, “Nova Scotians know hospitality because we practice it in our own homes.”

After two-and-a-half days of constant information, it’s fun to kick up our heels & celebrate.  We were honoured to sit at a table with Dick Lemon, who we had nominated for the Tourism Innovator Award.  (He WON!!)  Dick is the man behind the Not Since Moses race that the kids participated in on the first day of summer vacation this year.

The dinner was over about ten and then there was a dessert bar.  Although it was a school night, we did go out with some of the other Board members for a nightcap before going back to the hotel.

I’m looking forward to next year already!


2 Responses to “Tourism Awards of Excellence”

  1. LeeAnne Says:

    What fun!! You look great, as usual, Annie! I know you are glad to be back home though. I hope to make it up there one of these days to visit with you in person! (Bobby recently read about a supposed Palin-Beck “dream ticket” … or nightmare ticket if you ask us. Bobby asked me, “Can you check with your friend in Canada and find out the immigration rules? We’re outta here if those two ever get elected.”) 🙂

  2. swimminhill Says:

    Yowza, you are gorgeous!! 🙂 Glad you guys had a great time…and glad you’re back to blogging as usual!

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