The Lord(s) of the Rings

December 5, 2009

Because Martha had been teaching and then had Parent-Teacher on Thursday when the boys got their X-Rings, we agreed to get together here on Friday to celebrate.  Just before I was heading out the door to go curling, Martha called and asked if we’d be up for lobsters if Stephane could find the truck.   Who would say no to that?  I pulled a package of puffed pastry out of the freezer to thaw and was out the door.

When I arrived home from curling, Martha & Stephane had just arrived and D’Arcy was upstairs putting the kids to bed.  Sarah & Olivia did come downstairs once for some hugs, but then went right back up to bed for the night.  We poured some drinks, put the salted water on the barbeque to boil and I wrapped some cheese, rosemary & port jelly in the puffed pastry and put it in the oven to bake before serving with crackers.

Stephane wanted to know if D’Arcy had truly been surprised and was amazed when D’Arcy told him that he’d had absolutely no clue!  I couldn’t have pulled it off without Martha & Stephane’s  help!

We talked about the Ceremony and laughed at how awful the guest speaker was.  The content of his speech was definitely geared to the younger graduates and not to the mature students or children or parents who might have been in attendance.  D’Arcy & Stephane knocked rings and the night was all-around fun!

We had seafood casserole & asparagus to start and then moved on to our lobsters.  Martha’s hands break out when she cracks open lobster, so Stephane opens hers for her.  Since he’s so fast at it, he started all four of them for us.  I appreciated not having lobster juice all over me!  I brought out the section of D’Arcy’s cake that said “RING” for dessert and we had champagne.

Not bad for an impromptu dinner!

The Lords of the Rings

The "Master" (of Education) at work!

Martha & Stephane

Seemed an appropriate dessert!

More knuckle bumping (we decided that was a more appropriate pose than holding hands!)

Lots of laughter!


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