Burning the candle at both ends…

December 18, 2009

It’s no secret that D’Arcy & I are exhausted; we’ve been going flat-out in many directions for years months.

Last night, I cooked a turkey dinner so I could make turkey stock to have on hand to make gravy with for Christmas Dinner.  I set the stock on to simmer at around seven as I was getting the girls ready for bed.  It simmered away all evening giving the house a cozy, comforting smell.

D’Arcy was baking bread after Cubs for the boys to take to their teachers today and was trying to get his marking caught up at the same time.

Just before eleven, as I was working on Christmas cards, Sarah called out from a bad dream.  I went upstairs to comfort her and ended up falling asleep with her.

I woke up at 2:24 a.m. to the smell of smoke.

My first thought was that D’Arcy had fallen asleep with the bread in the oven and it had burned.  I ran downstairs and the kitchen was thick with smoke which was pouring out from the stock pot.  It had boiled dry and the smoke filled the house.  Thank heavens it didn’t catch on fire!  D’Arcy had fallen asleep marking but woke up quickly when I came running downstairs.  We put the pot outside and opened the windows.  (Did I mention how cold it was last night?)

Now the thing that concerns me the most about this is that of the eleven smoke detectors and one carbon monoxide detector we have in the house, not one of them went off! I don’t know if this means it had just started to smoke, but it concerns me that there was enough that it woke me up in my bedroom upstairs!  Mother’s instinct?


I didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night, thinking about how things could have turned out.

I am resolving not to do anymore baking or cooking at night while we are so tired.  And tonight – the first night of Christmas Break – I’m implementing a “no work” and “early to bed” rule for all of us!

Does anyone know how to get rid of the charred smell which is permeating the house?


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