Bring on the Rain(men)

December 22, 2009

D’Arcy and the boys started Christmas vacation on Friday night.  We were all exhausted, so I imposed an early-to-bed rule for everyone.  Well, almost everyone.  We ended up with drop-ins from Ottawa, so by the time I waited for them to come in from dinner so that I could turn off all the Christmas lights, it was close to midnight before I went to bed.

On Saturday, the whole family had haircuts and I dropped the girls off with my parents for a sleepover.  We picked up Joshua (Evan’s friend) and Nicholas (Alex’s friend) and went to Halifax to see the Halifax Rainmen play the Manchester Millrats.  Rogers had bought all kinds of tickets to give out to kids who play basketball, so Shannon and Kathryn made sure that Evan & Alex were able to go.  We sat with the Bedford team.

I’m not the least bit sporty and when I go to any type of game, I spend more time watching the people attending than the game.

I would just like to state for the record that watching professional basketball is much different than watching mini basketball.

(If you get my drift.)

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the players.  Not only were they obviously talented, but the sportsmanship was unlike what I had expected.  The teams were obviously enjoying playing one another, and from our seats (in the forth row!!) we could see the players joking with one another.  There were a couple of times we saw a member of one team give a member of the other team a hand up off the floor when they had fallen.  I was impressed!

I don’t think the boys had fun at all…

(This one was taken before the game started)

Even a visit with Santa!

We had a stop at Tim Horton’s on the way home, a huge treat since Olivia wouldn’t be around.  It was close to eleven when we got home and we told the boys to get ready for bed right away.  The next thing we knew, they had gotten the Lego out and were building!  We sent them to bed; Evan & Joshua in the boys’ room and Alex & Nicholas in the TV room in front of the Christmas tree.  By midnight, all was quiet so D’Arcy & I could go to bed.

We found out the next morning that Nicholas had called his parents both at midnight and again at 7am!  He and Alex were up fairly early, but Evan didn’t get up until about 8:30 and Joshua slept until the others woke him up at nine.  It was Fernando’s last morning with us, so we all joined him in the dining room for breakfast.  The boys ate fruit & yogurt, juice, waffles, pea meal bacon & egg-in-the-hole(s).  (Fernando’s request!)

The sleepover was a success and Christmas vacation is off to a great start!!


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