It’s a Wonderful Life!

December 27, 2009

We commented many times that this was our most pleasant Christmas in a very long time!  It got off to a bit of a rocky start though!

I had taken the girls up to bed the night before, when everyone had left, and as I often do – fell asleep!  At five am, D’Arcy came into our bedroom and told me I needed to get up because Alex had woken up and come downstairs to find him asleep on the couch.  I asked Alex if Santa had been there yet and he told me no, because Dad hadn’t gone to bed!  We sent him back upstairs and went to work “shutting the house down” so that Santa could come.

Everyone went back to sleep and Alex & Sarah were the first ones up at 8:05.  They woke Evan easily, but it took many kisses & tickling to wake Olivia.  They went downstairs and discovered that Santa had come!  They were excited to discover that Santa brought what everyone wanted:  a high hat for Evan’s drumset, a video camera for Alex, and dolls for Sarah & Olivia.

The dresses are not new, they're same ones that we brought back from Disney two years ago, but I guess they wanted to be princesses and wear their new jewellery!

After they opened their gifts from Santa, we scurried to have our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of waffles with strawberry butter and sausages wrapped in pastry and cranberry sauce.  We had agreed to be the “greeters” at 10:00 Mass, so it was a bit of a rush to get there early!  We enjoy Christmas morning Mass since it’s not crowded at all and it makes Christmas Eve less rushed.  The kids were pretty good during the service, except when Sarah & Olivia had a squabble just before the Sign of Peace and D’Arcy ended up taking her out at that time.  Since we were at the front, I rolled my eyes at the priest and mouthed the words “Peace” to which he giggled.

We came home and got the breakfast dishes cleaned up and were organized by the time my parents, Jonathan & Moushka arrived to open gifts.  Evan was acting as Santa, passing out gifts and did a good job of spreading them around.  We had many thoughtful & meaningful gifts, including new napkins for the muffin baskets sewn beautifully by Evan, pictures, home made cards & ornaments…  The girls got homemade doll clothes for their new babies from my parents, while Alex got a Meccano Remote Control Car and Evan got a unicycle!  There were sleds for the girls from Uncle Jon and a hard drive for each of them containing 33,000 songs now that they’re getting into music.  The kids had really wanted Rock band for the wii and we were able to get it for them second hand from a friend.  Can you say spoiled?!

Olivia with Ginna and the new babies - "Snow White" and "Chloe"

Alex, about to videotape the festivities

A new coat and hat from her godparents

Sarah got new bathing suits from her godparents

Ginna & Beanah

Opening my napkins from Evan

Sarah monopolized Moushka's attention

Sarah took over the camera so Alex could open his gift. I think Uncle Jon is going to hire her soon...

Opening my "Snuggie" from Grandpa - a blanket with sleeves, otherwise known as a long sweater!

These snow people sing and Sarah loves them!

A pillow my mom made using my Junior High & High School sweatshirts. I'll have to put it out at the wine & cheese for my 20th Reunion this summer!

Evan, realizing there is a unicycle in his box!

The girls getting their sleds from Uncle Jon

Now to wait for the snow...

Grandfather & Grandson

Uncle Jon & his nephews

The last gift of the day, realizing they got "Rock Band"

Because we got it from a friend, we also got "Guitar Hero" along with some other games. I think Dad was as excited as the boys!

When we were finished opening the gifts, D’Arcy & I moved into the kitchen to get things ready for Christmas Dinner, while my mother, Jonathan & Mouska played with the kids.  They hooked up the wii and Evan tried to conquer his unicycle while Beanah had a nap.

Ginna has different babies to play with now

Alex quickly gave up on the Meccano, leaving Uncle Jon to figure it out

It was just the ten of us for dinner, so we moved on our own schedule.  We had ginger squash soup followed by turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the carrots Sarah grew in our garden, broccoli, cauliflower an orange salad & a blueberry salad, cranberry sauce, rolls & gravy – all homemade.  Dessert was chocolate cheesecake (brought by Uncle Jon), an egg-free pumpkin pie & Christmas sweets.

After supper while Beanah & D’Arcy cleaned up all the dishes, Ginna, Moushka & I sat at the table and chatted while the kids played some more and Uncle Jon suffered from turkey-lepsy.  They headed back up to my parents house when everything was cleaned up, so we all got into our pyjamas and rocked out before heading to bed.

This was our first year (other than the year we moved in) that we didn’t have any guests and it certainly gave a different feel to the day!  We did have one call for drop-ins just as we sat down to eat dinner, but they didn’t show up and we were just as happy…


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