January 7, 2010

I’m not so much into New Year’s Resolutions as such, but with the start of the new year and after a week in the house by ourselves, I feel like I’m getting caught up and organized enough to make a few goals for 2010.


  • Run the 10k Race at the Bluenose Marathon
  • Run the 5k at the Not-Since-Moses Run
  • Help to organize and pull-off a well attended and fun 20th High School Reunion
  • Keep track of every book I read this year
  • Go outside more
  • Limit computer time to when the kids are at school or asleep
  • Teach my children by example and lead a healthy lifestyle – exercise, adequate sleep and everything in moderation


  • Clean & organize the basement so that the kids can have friends over even when we have guests
  • Organize a fun summer vacation that the kids will remember (somewhere new)
  • Reinstate pizza & games night (on Saturday instead of Fridays so we’re not so tired)
  • Raise money & run the NS Lung Run 5k as a family
  • Reintroduce monthly meal-planning with at least one fish, vegetarian and soup meal each week
  • Keep children entertained so that D’Arcy can spend quality time getting his Thesis finished and then graduate in May!


  • Create fun & interesting packages for guests, experience based
  • Keep on top of registrations & paperwork so that I don’t have to spend a full day at the end of each month/quarter getting caught up
  • Continue to encourage other tourism properties to look at the Industry as a whole to benefit us all
  • Organize an outline to keep B&B blog, website & Facebook page current
  • Continue to promote local food & wines to guests
  • Encourage guests to write reviews on Trip Advisor & BBCanada

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