A trip down Memory Lane…

January 13, 2010

I mentioned back in July that I’m on the committee that is planning my 20th High School Reunion.  We have set up a Facebook Page and will hopefully be getting a website up this week.  We’re going to have a conference call tonight to nail down a few key scheduling pieces and then start accepting registrations by next week – we hope!  In the meantime, I have a photo album from that time period here, so I scanned a few photos for the Facebook page.  It was fun to go down Memory Lane and eye-opening to realize how many of these friends I not only remain in touch with, but still count among my closest…

The cast of "Anything Goes" the musical we put on in 1990

Somebody called the school to report that my dress was "obscene & revealing". The costume director asked if my parents had a problem with it and when I said no, they allowed me to keep wearing it... That person should go to one of the High School Musicals now!!

Prom 1990

Being introduced as Valedictorian

High School Grad Photo

With some friends at my parents' house

My "Sister" Bettina, our exchange student from Berlin (I'm embarassed to say this L.L. Bean sweater is still in my closet!)

Jeff, my childhood sweetheart - we still keep in touch and my daughter tells people now that he is her boyfriend!

My Grade 2 class - 30 years ago!!


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