Superbowl Weekend

February 7, 2010

f you’re looking for football in this post, you won’t find it.  Well, the game is on in the background, but the kids are all sound asleep, D’Arcy is marking, I’m interneting and we had roast beef, potatoes & vegetables for supper rather than nachos & chicken wings.

In the real sports news, Team Fitzner-LeBlanc won the mens Provincial Curling Championship today!  We knew them when…  Our nephew, Chris, curled with that team until he moved to Calgary last year and they always stay with us when they are curling in this area.  Like this tournament, they have never been defeated when they slept here, so we’re thinking that we’ll offer them some rooms during the upcoming Brier. When Evan was four, they went to the Nationals as Juniors and won the bronze.  Evan watched them on tv and got hooked on the sport; as a result, he now has a goal to go to the Olympics as a curler, so we’ll watch to see how dedicated he is to practicing…

We’ve had a busy weekend.  After curling on Friday, we all (all six of us) went to Martha & Stephane’s for dinner.  They do not have a peanut free home, and this was the first time Olivia had been there since her diagnosis when she was 10 months old.  (Everything went fine, so they should watch out because we may be coming over for Stephane’s scallops all the time!)  Martha had made sure that the kitchen was extra clean and we brought along safe ham and dessert (cupcakes for the kids and pies for the grown-ups).

When we first got there, I handed over a gift my father had given me to present to Martha; a drawing of Martha & Chloe from a photo taken at Sarah’s birthday.  There were a few tears shed…

Martha & Chloe

We made pizzas for the kids and then Chef Steph took over the kitchen and made Coquilles St. Jacques for the grown ups.  Let’s just say I cleaned my plate.  (I would have licked it, had it been socially acceptable.  I love scallops!  The kids got along great (save for one moment when a very tired Sarah couldn’t wait 30 seconds for her turn on the wii and the fact that Olivia just wasn’t used to being “out” since she usually is left with my parents…)

Thank you to Martha for sending along all the Polly Pockets which necessitated an overhaul of our toy closet this morning!  Not that it wasn’t long overdue…  Congrautlations Phinn on the new toys you are about to score!  Chloe is going to be coming over soon to give me a tutorial on how the Pollys work.

(The following photos are from my phone; I forgot to take my camera:)

The boys

Chloe's lost teeth

The girls

Every party needs some rhythmic gymnastics!

Sarah & Olivia get their first look at an "American Girl" catelog

Chef Steph

The boys work on a puzzle

Chef Steph is a good sport!

Mart & Darce

Steph, getting his sleeping baby fix

The rest of the weekend was taken up with basketball, a free-throw competition, grocery shopping, a play with Ginna & Beanah for the kids, Thesis Meeting, Family Games Night, Sunday School, Mass, Choirs for Comfort, Cookie baking, Skating, etc…  We’ll look forward to the school week for a break!  ;-P


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