What better thing to do on a snow day, but think about warmer temperatures?  We registered for the Bluenose Marathon 10k this morning which will take place on May 23rd.  The boys are doing the regular 5k this year, rather than the youth 4.2k fun-run.  (This way they get a technical t-shirt and a chip on their sneaker to time their race.) We’ve talked to them about training and both are very keen to get out with us once the weather warms up a bit and the sidewalks are clear again.

I was a bit concerned about Alex doing this, especially.  Evan will just keep trucking on and because he’s so competitive, I have a feeling he may leave his brother in the dust to run it on his own.  There are many volunteers along the course, so I’m not worried for his safety, and he says he’ll just take his ipod to listen to and will be fine.  We’re going to arrange to have someone from the family at the finish line waiting for them and I’m sure he will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

D’Arcy has been good about getting out for short runs in the mornings, but I think the last time I ran was at Christmas! The last (only) time I ran 10k was at the Terry Fox run at the end of September.  D’Arcy will be pushing the girls, so he’ll have to train with them closer to the time.  I have been out skating with the kids, and don’t sit around much, so I shouldn’t be that out of shape…  Oh well, it’s good to have goals!

Early bird registration (with a discount) is open until February 28th.