IMAX here we come!

March 8, 2010

The fact that Alex’s vision isn’t perfect doesn’t bother him.  That’s just the way he sees and he seems to adjust beautifully.  His one disappointment is that he does not have depth perception, and therefore cannot see 3-D images.

We just received our sign-off letter from Alex’s Paediatric Opthalmologist, releasing Alex from his care.  The one paragraph that stands out, reads:

“Unfortunately, we do not have any evidence of fine detailed depth perception with the tests that we have at our disposal in the clinic but, considering the very good alignment of his eyes, I would not be surprised that, indeed, he is able to perceive three-dimension movies in the large screen movie theatres.”

I guess this means our first trip to the IMAX is in order!


2 Responses to “IMAX here we come!”

  1. Ray Leggett Says:

    I Recently went to see Avatar at an IMAX Cinema and wasn’t sure if the 3d glasses would work for me either because I have Amblyopia (A lazy eye) but it was no problem whatsoever. With the 3d glasses on I could see everything perfectly. I’m now 57 years old and have had Amblyopia since birth so I guess over the years I have learnt to develop depth perception with my one good eye. All of you out there with Amblyopia stop worrying and go and enjoy a 3d film if that is what you would like to do there’s nothing stopping you

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