Our friend Kate

March 11, 2010

I’ve had no words this week.  I was ecstatic to learn that our friend Kate had a beautiful baby boy named Isaac last Friday night.  We texted back & forth with details & she sent photos.  She told me that she expected to be home on Monday, but that Isaac, born more than four weeks early, would probably be  staying some extra time to get his breathing stabilized.  The last message I got from her (at bedtime on Saturday) said that she had gotten to hold him for the first time! D’Arcy sent her husband Willem a text on Sunday, joking that he trusted the birth of Isaac had taken Willem’s mind of the results off the Canada/US Olympic Hockey game!

Willem sent a happy, joking text back.

She sent me the following photo:

Newborn baby Isaac with proud Mommy, Kate

Fast forward to Tuesday when we learned that she was in surgery because of a massive infection.


I’ve felt conflicted about writing out her story here because it’s not really my story to tell, but Kate is really to credit for getting me started with this blog. She’s been blogging for years and helped me set ours up.  Whenever I have a technical question, she is the person I ask.  Kate is not afraid to let it all hang out, (she’s a psychologist, she doesn’t bottle things up!) and I’m sure she will tell her story as soon as she can.  In the meantime, I’m hoping this will help me process it all.

She’s been unconscious since Tuesday.

She’s had a major life-changing surgery to get rid of the source of the infection.

She has sepsis.

She had a second surgery last night to see if any of her other organs had infection.

She had a third surgery this morning because her abdomen was red and they needed to investigate.

The bacteria causing the infection has now been identified as Group A Streptooccus.

She is VERY sick.

In the meantime baby Isaac is in the Special Care Nursery of a different hospital, battling jaundice & other effects of being born at 35 ish weeks gestation.  No word on when he’ll be released.

Our two families have a number of connections.  Their daughter Emily is the same age as Alex.  Kate & I both had miscarriages around the same time and went on to get pregnant and support one another while having Jacob & Sarah three months apart.  Willem & D’Arcy both teach and have been studying for the past number of years, not to mention they share a love of sports and beer…  Although they live outside of Boston now, they came and stayed with us back in 2007, and it was with them that we stayed and visited on our way to Disney World in 2008.  Kate & I connect nearly everyday either through the computer or by text (the only people I ever text are Kate & D’Arcy) and I was among the very first to know about this much wanted pregnancy.

How did I find out?  She texted me a photo of her pregnancy test in the summer which I received while at Evan’s baseball game!

I had an infection in my uterus after the birth of Olivia which sent me back into hospital on  IV antibiotics and pain killers.  At that time, she rallied with some mutual friends and sent food and gift certificates for groceries.  It was so helpful and we were touched.

I only have one photo of the two of us together, taken during their visit here in 2007.  It seems as I look back at the photos that we felt visiting and taking photos of our children together was more important than getting photos of ourselves…

Kate, Annie & Olivia (and Sarah in the background) June 2007

I feel so helpless being here, but know that their family & friends are supporting them.  Willem has been thoughtful enough to send us updates by text as soon as he gets them himself.  He is sounding exhausted and desperate today.  It has been a whirlwind week for him and he is being torn in so many different directions.  From what I’ve heard, Emily & Jacob are coping fairly well so far, just knowing that “Mommy is in the hospital”.  Willem has been keeping their routine as normal as possible and Kate’s mom has arrived to help out.  Her dad lives close by and has been back & forth everyday and her sisters are arriving to help out through March Break next week.

At this point, we wait.  We don’t know how long they intend to keep her unconscious so that her body can regroup.   We don’t know if the antibiotics are working.

The update tonight was that there was no change.  We’re all trying to be positive and remember that at least she’s not worse.

Willem posted the following photo on Kate’s blog last night and called the post “No Words”.  It was taken during Kate & Isaac’s first snuggle together on Saturday.  I pray that they will all be snuggling together again soon to make up for lost time!

"No Words"


3 Responses to “Our friend Kate”

  1. swimminhill Says:

    Oh Anne, I am so sad to hear of the very difficult time your friends are going through. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to be so far away with all this going on…I hope you (and the family) are able to keep strong and positive…positive thinking really goes a long way. In the meantime, we’ll be thinking of them and hoping for the very best. Hugs! xo

  2. LeeAnne Says:

    This was a great post, and I’m sure Kate will appreciate the intentions behind it. I am hoping no news means good news today. I loved the photo of you two together – I remember when she visited you, but I don’t remember seeing this picture.

  3. Krista Says:

    Annie, I don’t normally have time to check all the blogs. But I am checking in today frantically looking for updates on Kate before I am away from the computer for a day or two.

    You couldn’t of written a better post. My heart aches. But after reading your summary I am going to take faith that as time progressed the updates are getting more positive and Kate is STRONG and she will come out on top if not better from this experience. these’s Cyber (HUGS)may not be cutting it these days but I am sending one anyway. You are a great friend!

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